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2023 Feng Shui & Fortune Book by Michael Wu

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Feng Shui & Fortune 2023 by Michael Wu
Secrets of Heaven and Earth - Water Rabbit

A Feng Shui book written by Master Michael C Y Wu, a certified Feng Shui teacher and consultant, practicing Feng Shui in Hawaii for almost 30 years.

Versed in many different teachings of Feng Shui, Master Michael Wu incorporates Compass School, Flying Star Feng Shui, Architectural Structure or Form School, and 3 Harmony (Zodiac School) of Feng Shui in his writings.

In this book, learn the 2023 Aspects and Influences for:

  • Renovation Rules so as not to disrupt Tai Sui and #5 Misfortune Star
  • 12 Zodiac Signs and how their luck is aligned
  • Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars for determining the best times for important plans
  • How to enhance your Home & Wealth Corners to financially prosper
  • Personal Lucky Charms to help smooth the way for your year