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Prophecy Candle

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Prophecy Empowerment Candle - Feeling lost, without direction, stuck with a dilemma, or just plain unsure of yourself and your situation?

Our Sedona exclusive, deluxe Prophecy Candle is hand-crafted with a 3-card tarot spread reading that is unique to each individual candle.  One of 23 different layouts will be intuitively selected.

"Carefully crafted
to illuminate your path & guide
your way to a
brighter future."

Light the candle and reveal your reading with an enlightened wisdom for a possible path to empower you, and help guide the way to your successful future.

Tarot is a form of divination to help gain insight and spiritual guidance. 

This Sedona Empowerment Candle Contains:
our proprietary specialty Prophecy blend of oils that smells of high tea with cakes in London, all within a garden of chrysanthemum, rose petals, calendula, hibiscus, heather flower, and black tea. Also features a mini quartz crystal skull representing ancient wisdom, and quartz crystal points.

This candle comes in a reusable metal cauldron that can later be used for incense, keepsakes, or ritual spellwork for manifestation!

Make sure to remove crystals, tarot cards, and flammable herbs before burning. Put them next to the candle in a small dish or put them into a small cloth bag to carry with you for good luck.

Candle Cauldron measures approximately 3.75" tall x  4.5" diameter
Candles are individually handmade and may differ slightly in appearance from shown example.
To prevent fire & serious injury do not burn candles unattended.  Be sure to burn on a heatproof surface.