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Energy Balance Care Package

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Energy Balance
Sedona Hawaii Care Package

Everything you need to align your chakras and balance your body’s energy. Alignment within your chakras helps to bring vitality and harmony in yourself.

This box set includes:

Chakra Wellness Candle - 
made for you to set your intention for vibrant health and to help align your chakras.

Energy Balance Stone Set - 
includes 7 stones that help activate each chakra:
Amethyst (Crown)
Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye)

Turquoise (Throat)
Aventurine (Heart)
Tiger’s Eye (Solar Plexus)
Carnelian (Sacral)
Red Jasper (Root)

Crystal Clearing Blessing Salt - 
used to clear the energy of your home, space, and most crystals and jewelry to
remove unwanted influences.

Blessing & Safety Oil -
used to bring safety and protection, and for you to feel surrounded with blessings and

positive energy.

Wooden Bowl -
used to hold the salt.  Can be placed wherever needed the most to maintain a clear space.