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Self Care & Happiness Care Package

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Self Care & Happiness
Sedona Hawaii Care Package

Self care is extremely important to bring happiness and to maintain harmony in your life. When we take care of others, it’s easy to forget that the most important  person is YOU! Take time for yourself to recharge, rejuvenate, and to refresh yourself.

This box set includes:

Self Care Candle -
created to bring healing energy to you and your surroundings.

Joy of Life Blessing Salt - 
helps to bring uplifting energy and that joyful spirit into your home. 

Jasper -
used to maintain health and helps to increase the body’s own healing energies.

Blessing & Safety Oil -
used to bring safety and protection, and for you to feel surrounded with blessings and positive energy.

Wooden Bowl -
used to hold the salt and/or stone.  Can be placed wherever you're needing to feel uplifted, recharged, and rejuvenated.