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How did you get your name, Sedona?

By January 6, 2015Blog

How did you get your name Sedona? It’s definitely a question we have been asked many times over the past 26 years. Are you from Sedona, Arizona? Are your products from Sedona? The answers are – No, we are not from Sedona; and Yes, some of our products are from Sedona, Arizona.

The journey to our name.

In 1988 after closing our women’s clothing and accessory boutique called Minna, my husband Martin and I took the best selling items from Minna which were accessories and jewelry and opened an Accessory kiosk called Scene at Pearlridge Shopping Center.


In our Kiosk called Scene, we were successful at selling a number of silver jewelry lines set with semi-precious stones. A new vendor noticed that were selling a lot of accessories with gemstones and crystals and she suggested that we carry crystals and stone specimens as stand-alone items. So with her help and crystal inventory, we decided to devote a small section of our kiosk to selling just natural crystals, mineral specimens and semi-precious stones. Crystals as meditation and healing tools started to become popular products due to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and soon that small section was the bestselling category at Scene.  We noticed that many of our customers drove out to Pearlridge Shopping Center from all over the island not to buy our fashion accessories but they drove all the way there to buy our crystals, stones and mineral specimens. Many of our customers suggested, almost begged us to open a larger store in town and they promised to shop there more often if we did. After much soul searching, deep meditation and consulting with a few psychic readers mainly Pamela Higa Johnson, we decided to follow our heart and intuition to open a metaphysical store. We had faith, universal guidance and the inner knowing that this was the right path for us to take. You see we had lost all of our investment with our first store Minna so we had no money left to open a new store. Our pathway became clear when our vendor consigned us her inventory. We boot strapped the rest with purchasing used fixtures and relying on credit cards and terms from our vendors. So within 6 months of opening our kiosk Scene, we decided to take our best selling items from Scene which were crystals and gemstones and opened up a new store at Ward Centre in November 1988 armed with faith, friends and no money.

For this new store, we pondered, meditated and brainstormed for store names. Due to all the press from the 1987 Harmonic Convergence (see link below), the new age movement was really on the rise. People (yuppies) were looking beyond themselves for more meaning and spirituality in their lives. One of the names that I really liked was the name “Vortex,” I wanted our new store to be an energy center that attracted customers who were interested in personal and spiritual growth. But Vortex, Crystal Vortex and many other variations were names that were already being used by some other stores.  So I decided to let go of “Vortex” and consider some other names. I can’t remember the other names I was thinking of because our name came about very quickly after I released the name Vortex.

In looking for products to stock the new store with, I had a few large book catalogs that a metaphysical book and product distributor had sent to me. In flipping through this huge phonebook sized catalog my eyes just zeroed in on a book titled “Sedona – Psychic Energy Vortex” by Dick Sutphen (see link below) because it had the word Vortex and Psychic in the same title. I thought Bingo that was it. In reading the book and finding out about the positive energy vortexes in Sedona, Arizona, I knew this was definitely the name of the new store. It had a simple spelling, it was easy to pronounce, and it had a positive energy attached to it.

Millions of people who have visited Sedona have found it to be a beautiful oasis with red rock formations surrounded by a national forest. Though known for its geological beauty many have had profound metaphysical experiences there as well. Sedona’s name recalls beauty, metaphysics and positive energy vortexes. (see link below) That’s everything I wanted in the name for our new store in 1988.

Our first Sedona store was 626 square feet. We were busy from day 1 opening only a few weeks before Christmas. Customers somehow found out about us and were drawn to come to Sedona even though we did no advertising at all. It was as if we were a vortex drawing people in.

During a busy Holiday Season a few years later, Martin and I decided we needed to expand because there were so many customers at the cash register the line went out the front door. We decided that was a sign we outgrew that space. We moved a few doors down to our second location which was over twice the size of our first store.

In 2013, Sedona celebrated its 25th year in business. In September 2013, Sedona outgrew its second store and moved to its present location next door which is 40% larger. We always loved the entrance of our first small Sedona store because it had a full arched window over the doorway and a mandala brick design in front of the entrance. It was the first space that we picked out intuitively where we listened to our hearts and followed our dreams. In full circle, we moved back to our original entrance 25 years ago only now Sedona is three times larger.


Malia Johnson is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Sedona. Sedona is located across from Ala Moana Beach Park in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.

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