SEDONA Loyalty Point Program for Hawaii Residents Only

At this time, membership in the Sedona Loyalty Point Program is offered to customers at our Honolulu store who at the time of purchase wish to join our free program. Qualifying mail order customers can also join. As a member of our Loyalty Point Program, you will receive 1 point for every $10 pre-tax purchase. After collecting a total of 10 points, you will receive $10 merchandise credit off your next purchase of any regular priced non-consignment merchandise.  You can redeem this merchandise credit at our physical store location or via a custom mail order. We regret that this merchandise credit from our Loyalty Point Program is not redeemable for purchases made through our online shop.

If you want to use your points and cannot make it to our store you are welcome to place a phone order for merchandise at #1-808-591-8010.