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We will be closed on April 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st.

Tucson Gem Show 2021

Hey Tribe! We’re taking a trip to the Tucson Gem Show and we’re taking you with us!

UPDATE (April 8th): 
All gift card sales are now closed and promotional discounts can no longer be earned by purchasing a gift card. We are still happy to welcome anyone to shop on our Instagram Live, even if they did not purchase a gift card.


We’re taking our first team trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and giving you a front row seat to all the crystal finds and fun! Make sure you’re FOLLOWING US @sedonahawaii to get all the pics, updates, and tent tours from our trek and even help us pick out new things to put in the shop!

While we’re there, we’ll be hosting our BIGGEST weekend of LIVE SALES EVER!! This is a VERY special, two-day event featuring all of the freshest finds straight from the gem show floor on April 10 and 11 at 2:00pm - 5:00pm HST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)!! Because we’re at the source, you can expect us to have the BEST pricing we’ve ever offered AND you have the opportunity to unlock even more discounts and bonuses that will only be available when you join ahead of time.

Here’s how to unlock extra discounts and bonuses!
Purchase a pre-sale gift card at the level that’s right for you and get an ADDITIONAL discount and FREE SHIPPING on anything featured during our two-day live sale event. There are three options available: Amethyst ($250 Gift Card), Citrine ($350) and Emerald ($500). Your funds are added to a secure gift card in your name and becomes your passport to show perks!! Consider your front row seat reserved! -Available for a limited time only, on a first come first served basis. All gift card sales end on April 8th at 6:00pm HST.

Looking for something extra special? We’ll find it for you! Take advantage of our Crystal Concierge Personal Shopping Services, available with the purchase of a Super Seven ($750) or Moldavite ($1,000) gift card. Send us your wish list and we’ll get to work making the magic happen. You’ll have one of our team members with you every step of the way to send you pics, chat via Instagram DMs1 and LIVE video chat2, and negotiate the very best prices available for you, all on the days and times that work best for you! It’s the next best thing to being there in person! In addition, you’ll also unlock higher discount levels, free shipping on all LIVE SALE claims and qualify for LOW merchant shipping rates on oversized items like the magnificent Amethyst cathedral of your dreams! - VERY LIMITED number of spots available. Super Seven and Moldavite Gift Cards will only be sold until April 1st, 6:00pm HST

After purchasing your Super Seven or Moldavite gift card you’ll be emailed a wish list form where you can share your crystal dreams with us. We promise to find you the best, if it’s there. You’ll also be able to choose the dates and time slots that work with your schedule to chat with us while we’re at the Gem Show.

Browse the different Tucson Gift Cards HERE!


What is included with each gift card purchase?

Gift Card Price Discount Crystal Concierge Shipping Availability
Amethyst $250 10% OFF* No FREE Unlimited
Citrine $350 10% OFF* No FREE Unlimited
Emerald $500 15% OFF* No FREE Unlimited
Super Seven $750 20% OFF* Yes1 FREE3 9
Moldavite $1,000 30% OFF* Yes2 FREE3 6

*Discount is valid ONLY for Tucson Gem Show Live Sales on April 10th and 11th. This discount does not apply to other Live Sale events outside of Tucson or Crystal Concierge personal shopping services.

1Crystal Concierge at Super Seven level includes live text chat via Instagram

2Crystal Concierge at Moldavite level includes live text chat AND live video calls via Instagram

1&2Please understand that these are “Wish List” items. We cannot promise we will find exact items, and that there is a possibility we may not be able to find all requests.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on personal shopping items as well as live sale items

3Shipping for Crystal Concierge customers is free for any items that will fit safely within USPS flat rate packaging. Shipping cost for larger/heavier items will be based on weight/size and will be at wholesale shipping cost (lower than normal shipping costs). Any large items will be shipped from Tucson to the Sedona Store for In-Store Pick Up (pick up date TBD). If living outside of Hawaii, UPS rates will be determined.