Personal Shopping by Malia

At the Tuscon Gem Show!

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NameYour first and last name.
Primary Contact NumberIdeally this should be a cell phone, as Malia will need to text images and other information to you.
Alternate Contact NumberMalia will use this number if you are unreachable on your main contact number. This does not have to be a cell number, especially if your primary contact number is.
BudgetPlease enter in complete dollar amounts ($100, $200, etc.) your total budget for stone buying.I Individual items must have a minimun value of $100

Stone Items You are Interested In
For each stone or piece of jewelry you are looking for please include the specific name, desired size, and if you prefer it to be a tumble polished piece, rough, geometric shape, or a carving of some kind. You are welcome to put additional information or requests as well.

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