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5-Element Pagoda Keychain

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Five Element Pagoda Keychain

for Protection

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:

(ROOSTER in 2024)
Misfortune Flying Star #5 -  carry to suppress and minimize the impact of misfortune and all kinds of bad luck: loss of all types, accidents, illness, hospital visits.  When afflicted by Misfortune Star #5, your life and all your hard work may suddenly seem to collapse around you - this is the symbol to use for protection against it.


The fundamental 5 Elements in Feng Shui are represented by the different shapes in this pagoda charm: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire.  Also, made of metal, this pagoda can be filled with an earth element symbol to activate its power.  Metal element traps, contains, drains, and weakens the Earth element of the Misfortune Star also weakening its negative influence on you.

How to use:
Carefully unscrew the cap in the bottom of this keychain and fill it with a symbol of the earth element (choose one):

  • natural salt (purifies energy, used in many worldwide traditions) 
  • sand (easier to use if you live near a beach)
  • crushed crystal (adds positive energy especially if quartz or citrine)
  • soil (easily gotten from your garden or backyard)  

Then, carefully seal it shut again.  Do not open it again once you do this!  This helps to seal up the harmful earth energy of the Misfortune Star to mitigate its effects on you for the year.  If it comes open on its own over time, and if the keychain is not damaged in any way, carefully refill it again and seal it shut once more, or you may choose to get a new one as it may be because its energy has been compromised and weakened while protecting you.


The symbol engraved on the Five Element Pagoda in Tibetan is "OM".

Om is considered by many to be the "Sound of the Universe".  
Om (also “AUM” in Sanskrit) is a mantra which is a syllable or series of syllables that are chanted to bring about focus and transformation.

Om is made up of the three sounds:

  • Ah” representing the breath of creation
  • Uh” representing the vibration of preservation
  • Mm” representing the completion of things

Together, they represent the rhythms of the universe and the natural cycle of creation, sustenance, and clearing away to make way for the new once again.
By this mantra, all disharmony is brought into balance.

The 3 unbroken lines represents the trigram "Qián" which along with the gold color of the pagoda, symbolizes the Yang force of Heaven to counteract the excess Yin force of the Earth element Misfortune Star #5.