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Angel Wishes Cards

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Angel Wishes Cards: Inspirational Guidance from your Angels

"Pick a message each morning before you start your day to see what guidance or encouragement your angels wish to share with you. Remember your angels love to guide and help you. You are never alone!"

"Sydney-based Debbie Malone is an acclaimed and highly respected psychic, clairvoyant, psychometry expert and spirit medium. She was named 2013 Australian Psychic of the Year. Her gifts have enabled her to see beyond the here and now, and she draws strength from the world of spirit to help others."

"Angel Wishes Cards by Debbie Malone are the follow up to the hugely successful Angel Whispers. A beautifully boxed set of 40 affirmation cards that were inspired and channeled from Debbie's Angels."

This mini set comes in a magnetic closure box.

Written by Debbie Malone
45-card set with 180-page illustrated guidebook
Box measures 4.25” x 2.25” ; Cards measure 3.9” x 2”