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Ba-Gua Mirror, Brass - Small (Plain Face)

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Brass Ba-Gua Mirror for protection

Hang or place this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect:

Use to deflect "Sha-Ch'i" also known as "Killing Ch'i" which are the poison darts, sharp arrows, and cutting blades of negative Ch'i Energy in Feng Shui.

Due to placement of things directly pointing at your space/house/office (sharp corners of other buildings, roads facing directly at your home, light posts immediately in front of your door, etc.) this negative energy disrupts the natural flow that you are striving to maintain.  Hang this traditional style Ba-Gua mirror on the outside or facing out a window or door wherever the Sha-Ch'i is pointed at your space to deflect and harmonize the energy from adversely affecting you.

Used to ward off ghosts and spirits.

Mirrors were always used to ward off and "scare" bad or malevolent spirits.  The belief was that a spirit would see themselves within the mirror and would either flee from being scared at their own reflection, or the realization that they were a spirit would set in and they would move on.  Hang this traditional style Ba-Gua mirror above the main door facing out to keep unwanted energies and influences from entering.


An eight-sided mirror, representing the eight fundamental elements of Taoist cosmology in balance and harmony. 

In ancient times, mirrored glass was not readily available.  Also easily damaged or shattered, it was not practical to have.  Prior to the invention of the glass mirror, highly polished pieces of metal were commonly used instead.  This Ba-Gua Mirror in brass is an example of a traditional mirror from ancient times.

Around the middle reflective face is the Ba-Gua 八卦 or 8-trigram symbols, which is specifically the patterns of 3 broken and unbroken lines representing the 8 fundamental elements of Taoist cosmology (Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth) arranged in a way that embodies harmony and balance.  The Chinese written characters are the words for those elements.


On the back side of the Ba-Gua Mirror, the words, inscribed upon read:

           避邪鏡  bìxié jìng
           Literal translation: ward off evil mirror

           白雲観  báiyún guān
           Literal translation: White Cloud (Taoist) Temple
           The name of this temple is inscribed upon to imbue it with the authority of the             "First Temple Under Heaven" to ward off evil spirits and Sha Ch'i

Between the two phrases is Taoist talismanic script.

How to use:

Place the mirror directly above the front (and/or back) door outside your home or office, mirror-side reflecting outward.

The Ba-Gua Mirror can also be hung outside, facing any source of Sha Ch'i
(never inside the home or office).

Be sure to keep it clean, dry, and polished - if it shows signs of damage or corrosion, it's time to get a new one.