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The Best of Mindful Moments

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The Best of Mindful Moments: A Collection of Life Wisdom
by Alice Inoue

The Best of Mindful Moments is the third compilation of conscious insights and universal wisdom about life from Alice Inoue's extremely popular column, "A Mindful Moment," which began in 2014 in Oahu's most-read weekly publication MidWeek.  Those who see themselves as students of life will enjoy her perspective-shifting life guidance as the Moments in this book offer positive insights exactly where you need them.

The Moments in this book are simple, easy to understand, and charged with positive inspiration. Open the book to any page to get the exact message you need in that moment. Readers of the column often express that when they read a Moment, they feel as though it was custom-written for them. It will likely be the same for you as you read and connect to every Mindful Moment.