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BIG Crystal Box - Denver Collection 2022

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Living the Dream: BIG Crystal Box

The BIG BOX contains a deluxe selection of crystals and gemstones direct from Denver, to You!  Enjoy a wide variety of thoughtful selections for Crystal Lovers, by Crystal Lovers. 

Contains 5 to 8 items.

This carefully curated selection of crystals and gemstones is intuitively chosen by 5 of Sedona Hawaii's knowledgeable buyers with over 80 years of combined experience working with crystals.

We purchase in volume so we can get the best pricing –
we then pass these savings on to you!

Our Staff will be at the Denver, Colorado show from September 7th - 15th.  Selected and purchased items will be shipped back safely to our store in Hawaii.  Please allow a few weeks for the large shipment to arrive and for processing.  We hope to have these boxes in the mail, with tracking information, on their way to you the first week of October!

About the Denver, Colorado Gem & Mineral Shows:
Every year, for a week in September, gemologists, miners, artists, jewelers, and more than 500 dealers from around the world gather to share their treasures, knowledge, and expertise at one of the largest single gathering of gemstone, mineral, and fossil enthusiasts in the USA. 

From the thousands of special pieces we come across, we choose only the finest and the best - finds that we get really excited about!  We bring these amazing gems and treasures that we've fallen in love with, back to share with you!