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Black Dragon Egg Protection Bowl

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In Chinese tradition, eggs can absorb negative energy from one’s environment. When the dragon eggs are placed in the bowl of water, the negative energy absorbed by the eggs is transferred to the water and neutralized by the purifying salt and custom blend of protection gems included in your set. Available in two colors.

When changing the water, be sure to empty it away from the home/office (or down the drain), thus removing the remaining negative energy from the area. Be sure to dispose of the water in a safe area away from garden plants, pets, or people.

The egg also symbolizes the Universe, fertility, and resurrection.  A sign of health, wealth, and luck, the egg is also symbolically associated with promise and potential; that within any egg, at any given time, there rests dormant the possibility of life, creation, and new beginnings.

Note: succulent plant not included in set.