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Dorje/Vajra (Brass)

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Dorje/Vajra for Protection

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:

Misfortune Flying Star #5 -  use to suppress and minimize the impact of misfortune and all kinds of bad luck: loss of all types, accidents, illness, hospital visits.  When afflicted by Misfortune Star #5, your life and all your hard work may suddenly seem to collapse around you - this is the symbol to use for protection against it.


The Dorje or "Diamond Scepter" is also known as the Vajra or "Thunderbolt" in Sanskrit.

This powerful symbol used in Feng Shui is a tool of protection, to ward off misfortune, banish negative influences, and vanquish harmful spirits and attachments of ill-intent.

Like Diamond, the Dorje represents the brilliant, indestructible, teaching of the understanding of true reality.  In Buddhist teaching, ALL things, like a web, are interconnected which gives rise to the necessity of compassion as we strive to banish ignorance.  This teaching is also believed to be like a Thunderbolt or flash of enlightenment.

While traditionally held in the right hand during meditation or in reciting prayers or mantras, it can also be placed in an area to protect and to keep the space clear of negative energies whether you are Buddhist or not.