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Chakra Wood Grid Box

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The Seed of Life is a component of the Flower of Life. Represented by 6 overlapping circles which form a 7th, each circle fits into this pattern like a lock and key, forming a large number of possible geometric relationships which reveal the most fundamental shapes of Creation. These 7 circles mirror our chakras, the colors of the rainbow & even musical scales. It is the foundation upon which the infinite, fractal nature of life and it’s unfolding can be understood. 

Uses: creation, expansion, new beginnings.


Crystal Grids are an incredibly powerful way to manifest your dreams, goals, and intentions and this grid was specifically designed with symbols to support and empower your personal affirmations and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combined energies of the crystals you use, the pattern you lay them out in and the intentions you set. A crystal grid is a specific arrangement of crystals and stones, used with intention, to manifest a desired result.