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Cleanse & Protect Care Package

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Cleanse & Protect
Sedona Hawaii Care Package

Cleansing and protection are important fundamentals in energy work. Cleansing is performed to rid any space of negative energies. Once cleansed, it is important to create a shield of protection so the negative energies do not return.

This box set includes:

Clear & Cleanse Candle -
created to cleanse your home or office of any negative energies.

Protect & Shield Blessing Salt -
used for protection, banishing and shielding from negative energies and unwanted influences around you, your business, and property.

Black Tourmaline -
a very protective stone. It creates a shield of protection from any negative energies you may encounter.

Blessing & Safety Oil -
used to bring safety and protection, and for you to feel surrounded with blessings and positive energy.

Wooden Bowl -
used to hold the salt and/or stone.  Can be placed by the front door or wherever needed the most.