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Emotional Release - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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We carry all our emotions and sometimes other people’s stress. Use this trio to heal your heart and soul from negative influences. Put a few drops in a diffuser at the end of a stressful encounter to help calm and release negativity.

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Heart 2 Heart (Extra Special Limited Edition 2022 Oil!)
This special limited edition oil helps us all to communicate on a heart to heart level. This is a soothing and healing oil to help us move forward in our lives with compassion, love, friendship and understanding. Some of us need help to heal our hearts and relationships at one time or another. Use this oil to bring loving energy and healing vibration to your life.
Oils: pink grapefruit
Herb: heather
Stone: rose quartz, garnet, amazonite

Helps you to release all that is not serving you so that you are not burdened with the past or negative energy. Helps with forgiveness of self and others; assists in healing past trauma or grief.
Oils: lily of the valley, sage, lemon, lime
Herb: baby's breath
Stone: light amethyst

Body & Soul
To balance the energies between the spiritual mind and the physical body. By balancing the body and soul, it helps to create harmony within the self.
Oils: cucumber, avocado
Float: gold and silver leaf
Stone: quartz crystal

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