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Ancient Memory Purpose Oils with Power Stones and Special Herbs

Hecate Greek Goddess of the Crossroads
Illuminates your way to see more clearly on your path to transformation.

She is The Crone of the symbolic Triple Goddess.  She is the one we come to when we need to see our way more clearly.  She is transformation.  Hecate is the Goddess who helps us face ourselves in the mirror, and helps us to see where our better path lies. 

The forest scents of Oak & Juniper are to bring the energy of walking a forest path to bring you to your own Crossroad where decisions can be made to better your life.  Obsidian, known as the "Ego-buster" is to help you see yourself as you truly are, and to see where improvements can be made.  Sacred Myrrh is to help open the mind to knowledge.

Oils: Oak & Juniper
Herb: Myrrh
Stone: Obsidian