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House Blessings Clearing Kit

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Use this House Blessings Clearing Kit for clearing and purifying the energy in your home.

This kit contains everything you might need to purify and cleanse a home. It has a bundle of white sage and a stick of palo santo with a paua / abalone shell to catch the ashes. There is a small selenite tower to help maintain the cleansed space after clearing. If you find yourself in a space that can't handle smoke or open flame there's even a bottle of white sage spray included. You can use the Crystal Clearing salt that also comes with the kit to purify and cleanse your own personal stones as well.

Kit includes: White Sage bundle, selenite, crystal clearing blessing salt, 3 palo santo sticks, 1 sun's eye white sage clearing spray (2oz) and an abalone shell. Appearance of natural items such as sea shells, herbs, and stone items may differ slightly from image shown. Box color may vary slightly.