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Iolite Chip Stone Bracelet

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Iolite (prounounced: EYE-oh-lite)
Best used for:

Independence and the spirit of discovery
Inner-vision, psychic ability, and clairvoyance
Deep wisdom, spiritual growth, finding your way

  • A stone of exploration, illumination, and the spirit of journey— instills one with centered focus, helps in finding direction and in the self-discovery of one’s source motivation; encourages independence
  • Brings self-assurance and strengthens resolve in taking on new responsibility and forging new paths
  • Offers clearer communication and integrity in self-expression
  • Promotes seeing the greater picture and keeping things in perspective; calms fears, soothes nerves, and supports resilience
  • Brings clarity to memory, eases insomnia and headaches; sharpens inner-vision, psychic ability, clairvoyant dreams, and helps in uncovering past-life impressions
  • Deepens introspection, self-exploration, discovering deep wisdom and truths, spiritual growth— helps in finding your way
  • Allows one to cast their consciousness between the physical and spiritual realms while guiding and protecting

Additional Information:

  • Iolite comes from the Ancient Greek word: ἴον (ion), which means “violet”
  • Primary sources: Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Myanmar/Burma, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, U.S.A.
  • Also historically known as “Water Sapphire”
  • Was believed to be used by the ancient Vikings— due to Iolite’s unique properties of Pleiochroism, it will display 3 different colors depending on the direction of the light filtering through the crystal’s structure: light violet, dark violet, or colorless to yellow-brown.  On cloudy overcast days when the sun was not easily visible for navigation, this stone would be held up to the sky and turned to determine the source direction of the sun shining through.

Stones are natural and may differ slightly in appearance from shown example.

 This information serves as a quick guide of subjective metaphysical properties for crystals & gemstones formed through personal experience as well as research of historical and cultural customs & practices. Each person is unique and will experience crystals in their own way depending on their life’s experiences.

 Crystals and gemstones are tools used for living a more positive life and should be used to empower yourself to transform and grow. We possess within ourselves everything that we need to live life fully. Crystals and gemstones serve as a visual and energetic tool to help us on our path. We should not give our power away to them. They are not meant to be a substitute for medical attention.