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Joy of Life Bag - Blessing Salt

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For bringing out the joy in life! Bring a sense of uplifting energy and joyful spirit in your home or office. When energy is low and you're feeling fatigued, use the Joy of Life Blessing Salt to bring back the happiness and motivation to your day. 

Place a bowl of Joy of Life Salt in your living room or work area to uplift the energy around you, family, and co-workers. Carry a small amount of salt in a fabric pouch with you to bring joyful thoughts when the day seems bleak. You may also add stones for happiness and motivation to add more energy.

Contains: Hawaiian & Himalayan Sea Salt, calendula, chrysanthemum, orange peel, rose gold leaf, mica, and Sedona Joy of Life Empowerment Oil.

Approximately 6 oz. of salt in each bag

For metaphysical use only. Do not ingest or bathe in. May stain or damage furnishings. Keep out of reach of children and pets.