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Love & Harmony Care Package

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Love & Harmony
Sedona Hawaii Care Package

Whether we need romantic love, unconditional love, or self-love, this package was created for you to welcome all types of loving energy, and to bring peace and harmony to your home.

This box set includes:

Love’s Enchantment Candle - 
brings in loving energy—
whether it’s romantic love or unconditional love, this candle is made for you to feel loved and surrounded with happiness.

Peace & Harmony Blessing Salt - 
creates a sense of peace and harmony in any space. It can help to calm anxiety and reduce stress within the household.

Rose Quartz - 
a stone of love. It can be used 
to attract romantic love as well as to bring emotional healing.

Blessing & Safety Oil -
used to bring safety and protection, and for you to feel surrounded with blessings and positive energy.

Wooden Bowl -
used to hold the salt and/or stone.  Can be placed by wherever needed the most to bring peace, calm, and harmony to the space.