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Lucky You - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Lucky Gambler
For more big luck in games of chance.
Oils: pine and honeysuckle
Float: gold magnetic sand
Stone: tiger’s eye

Fast Luck
Brings needed help & good luck energy quickly. Adds extra energy to other oils needing quick results.
Oils: allspice, orange and patchouli
Herb: juniper

Big Luck
This oil brings in big luck in all aspects of life depending on what the user focuses on: big wealth, big love, big health. It helps one to overcome difficulties so you can attract Big Luck to you.
Oils: Citrus and Vanilla; Herb: Clove Bud; Stones: Garnet for success and vital energy; Amethyst for strong and calm mind; citrine for prosperity and happiness