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Lucky You - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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The stars align in your favor. Shift big luck quickly to smoothly go your way and maximize your golden opportunities. Rub some oil on good luck stones and carry it with you for big luck energy.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Lucky Gambler
For more big luck in games of chance.
Oils: pine and honeysuckle
Float: gold magnetic sand
Stone: tiger’s eye

Fast Luck
Brings needed help & good luck energy quickly. Adds extra energy to other oils needing quick results.
Oils: allspice, orange and patchouli
Herb: juniper

Big Luck
This oil focuses on the Root Chakra to help us push through blocks and get our energies feeling LUCKY again! It is the energy of the “Rising Sun” for new beginnings, bigger wealth, happiness and positive action for the new year. Let us all move forward with confidence and BIG LUCK!
Oils: Nutmeg and Clove to break through barriers; Tangerine for bringing positivity into focus; Hyacinth is used as the “breath of God” to bring blessing and success; Herb: Hibiscus to help break through limitations; Stones: Goldstone for big luck and big energy; Garnet for stimulating your ability to breakthrough; Red Jasper for courage; Tiger’s Eye for big wealth and abundance.