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Luopan Chinese Compass

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Luopan Chinese Compass

Place this auspicious Feng Shui tool wherever needed, to protect:

Used to ward off ghosts and spirits.

The Luopan (Geomantic/Feng Shui Compass) is a tool that reflects the Celestial and Earthly order of the universe.  It is like a map for creating harmony between Heaven and Earth.  Some believe hanging it in an area with ghost or spirit activity may help the lost or trapped spirits find their way.  Other more malevolent spirits will be banished or warded off by the Luopan's influence of "Divine Order".

Also used to deflect "Sha-Ch'i" also known as "Killing Ch'i" which are the poison darts, sharp arrows, and cutting blades of negative Ch'i Energy in Feng Shui.

Due to placement of things directly pointing at your space/house/office (sharp corners of other buildings, roads facing directly at your home, light posts immediately in front of your door, etc.) this negative energy disrupts the natural flow that you are striving to maintain.  This Luopan Compass can be used in these situations, instead of a BaGua Mirror, to harmonize the energy from adversely affecting you and your space.

How to use:

The Luopan should be treated with respect and never placed on the floor or ground.

It's best hanging in the area you are trying to affect, facing the energy you are trying to subdue, mitigate, or harmonize.

If you cannot hang it, then it can be respectfully placed in a clean area, such as on a table or stand where you are trying to affect.


Traditional compasses in China will always point SOUTH.

The general word for compass in Chinese is:
指南針 zhǐnánzhēn
Literal translation: South pointing needle

The Luopan has many wheels within wheels of information that a trained Feng Shui practitioner will use in an "audit".  Some of the things that can be found on a Luopan are:

24 Mountains/Directions (not only the 8 directions of N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW but each section is subdivided into 3 parts = 24)

12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

64 Gua directions (8 x 8 Trigrams representing different elemental combination concepts)

The bead on the bottom is painted with:

福祿壽  Fú Lù Shòu

Translation: Good Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity

Also known as the 三星 3 Stars or sānxīng

These 3 Stars are the Chinese Gods of a good and fulfilling life.