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Minerals Playing Cards by Ayu (ENGLISH version)

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A playing card set featuring a different mineral on each card, with a full color picture, the mineral's Hardness, Rarity, and Specific Gravity.  Each card also has a mineral fact.

Use as a regular set of playing cards or in a card battle game!
Suggested ways of use are on included instructions.

The popular mineral playing cards from Japan have finally landed!
This is the English version, fully translated.

(Card box measures: 3.55" x  2.35")

"Hello.  My name is Ayu.
I live in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, and I am a 13-year-old who loves minerals.
Minerals are gems, and there are many beautiful minerals in this world.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a mineral playing card?
There has never been a playing card dedicated to raw minerals, and
I want to share my passion for minerals with people around the world!
With that in mind, I want to create an English version of Minerals Playing Cards."

There are many ways to play:

  1. Use them as a standard deck of cards.
  2. Collect rare minerals and trade with your friends!
  3. Play as a battle card game based on the hardness, specific density, and rarity of  minerals (as explained in the graphic). 

How to play as a card battle game:

  1. You and your opponent will play your selected card at the same time.
  2. The higher the hardness, specific gravity, and rarity (you can add the values up), the stronger the mineral's power. Then you can win your opponent's card.
  3. I think about what kind of strong minerals the opponent might have and then I choose the cards to be issued next, so the game requires a lot of strategy!
  4. This game is designed so you can play and interact with people online! The card game provides a great opportunity for people to learn about minerals while having fun!

The Mineral Cards contain photos, specific gravity, hardness, rarity, and characteristics of minerals that I like and collect. I even researched and wrote all this data myself because I love minerals!

How I created these cards:

"In 2020, I suddenly couldn't go to school because of Corona Virus, and I took an online business course that changed my life. 

In the CEO Kids Academy Kids Business Program, I learned to create a business that I wanted to do. 

In class, the teacher said, 'You don't need to wait to pursue the things you like, you should try it now.' 

Whether you are an elementary school student or a junior high school student, you can do what you want when you want to do it!!  I hope to inspire more kids to do the same through this card game! 

I had a lot of support in Japan and received as much as 565% of our Kickstarter crowdfunding goal.  The mineral playing cards produced in the previous crowdfunding were printed in 300 pieces and all sold out with returns and sales. 

Thanks to that, I got to make the mineral playing cards that I wanted to make!

I would like to talk to people who are interested in minerals all over the world. 

Although I still can't go all over the world, I would be really happy if I could make friends all over the world through this mineral card game! 

Everyone, let's play with this mineral playing card with me.

And I hope that more and more people will be interested in minerals and have a relaxing time.

Thank you for your support!"