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Money Maker Bag - Blessing Salt

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Attracting and manifesting money, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of your life. It can also be used to clear blocks and to remove obstacles on receiving prosperity and abundance.

Keep some of this salt in your home, office and business. Place a small pinch of the salt on both sides of your entrance door to attract wealth and good energy into your home or business. Place a small amount in a green or gold cloth or fabric pouch in your wallet or purse, or in a small bowl by the cash register/office desk.

Contains: Hawaiian and Himalayan Sea Salt, juniper berries, peppermint leaves, cinnamon sticks, gold leaf, mica and Sedona Money Maker Empowerment Oil.

Approximately 6 oz. of salt in each bag.

For metaphysical use only. Do not ingest or bathe in. May stain or damage furnishings. Keep out of reach of children and pets.