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Ancient Memory Purpose Oils with Power Stones and Special Herbs

Nut Egyptian Goddess of Magic
Brings the energy of powerful magic and manifestation to you.

(Pronunciation: "Noot")
Nut is the Goddess of the Sky and the Heavens above.  She is often depicted on the ceilings of Egyptian tombs with her arms spread across the entire ceiling.  She welcomes the soul and brings her energy of Magic and Manifestation to you.

Nut's fragrance is of Rose, Amber, and Black Musk to bring the energy of the night, the Magic, the ability to see the Ancient Mysteries.  The stone is Lapis Lazuli like the deep blue sky above, it was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians.  Within the oil are silver stars to remind you of looking into the night sky.

Oils: Rose, Amber, Black Musk
Float: Silver Stars
Stone: Lapis Lazuli