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Peace & Harmony Bag - Blessing Salt

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For creating a sense of peace and harmony within any space. Brings peaceful and tranquil energy to you and your surroundings. Helps to clam anxiety and reduce stress and tension in the household or work space.

Place a bowl of Peace & Harmony Salt in your living room or work area to harmonize the energy around you, family and co-workers. Carry a small amount of salt in a fabric pouch with you to keep that peaceful energy with you throughout the day. You may also add stones for calming to add more energy.

Contains: Hawaiian and Himalayan Sea Salt, lavender, blue cornflower, chamomile, gold & silver leaf, mica and Sedona Peace & Harmony Empowerment Oil.
Approximately 6 oz. of salt

For metaphysical use only. Do not ingest or bathe in. May stain or damage furnishings. Keep out of reach of children and pets.