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Peanut Leaf Coins Keychain

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Peanut, Leaf, and Coins Keychain for Prosperity, Wealth Luck, and Money

Keychain measures approximately 2.7" in length, including keyring.

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to enhance:
(Also carry for luck in gambling and games of chance— good for Las Vegas trips!)

(HORSE in 2023)
Prosperity / Wealth Luck Flying Star #8
 - use to bring wealth & prosperity in all things, health, happiness, career, and relationships.

(DOG in 2023)
Minor Loss 
influence -  it can be used to ward off loss of money as well as loss through robbery, betrayal, sickness, or accident.  Also used to bring wealth & prosperity in all things, health, happiness, career, and relationships.


Peanut (花生 Huāshēng) - The Chinese word for peanut can be literally translated as "Flower/Blossom" and "To Give Birth" which symbolizes abundance, prosperity, many descendants, longevity, and continuous growth.  In Cantonese, it is "Faa Sang" which sounds like the words for "Prosperity" and "Abundance".  The peanut plant is also known to have an expansive root system which is believed to represent stability, resourcefulness, and perseverance.

5 Lucky Coins - symbols of money and wealth, 5 coins specifically protect from misfortune and bad luck; 5 also represents the harmony between the fundamental 5 Feng Shui elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.  Each of these 5 coins are replicas imprinted with the names of Emperors from the very prosperous and peaceful Qing dynasty in China.  They are believed to not only bestow wealth and prosperity but lasting harmony and peace.

Leaf - on the back of the leaf in ancient Chinese Seal Script writing (see picture) is written:

 葉生財  Yī yè shēngcái (Traditional Chinese)
一叶生財  Yī yè shēngcái (Simplified Chinese)

Literal translation: one leaf gives birth wealth
or "One leaf makes money."

This is a wish for the start of continuous wealth and abundance.
The second character also sounds like:

夜 yè  meaning, "One night makes money" = making money overnight or very quickly
业 yè  meaning, "A person's karma makes money" = one's goodness brings prosperity