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Ancient Memory Purpose Oils with Power Stones and Special Herbs

Pele Hawaiian Goddess of Creativity

Many people think of Pele as a destructive energy, but remember, without her, the islands of Hawaii would not exist. Pele’s energy can help you move through great change in your life – and bring new exiting adventures. Her energy can help you release fear of moving forward, and allow new wonderful things to come to you. She can help you create a new life for yourself !!! Scents of coconut, ginger spice and pineapple make this devotional oil for this wonderful Goddess.

Oils: guava, nectarine, coconut, ginger
Herb: rose petals
Stone: obsidian

ペレ- ハワイの創造の女神

オイル:グアバ、ネクタリン、ココナッツ、ジンジャー ハーブ:バラの花びら 石:オブシディアン