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Psychic Awakening - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Trying to enhance your psychic abilities? This trio will help you remove spiritual
blocks to help you reach your spiritual awakening. Energize your work space with these oils by putting a few drops in a diffuser and meditate.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Awakening and connecting to your divine self and universal energies. Heightens spiritual awareness to help achieve a divine connection to the universe.
Oils: elderflower
Herb: orange peel
Stone: amethyst

Third Eye
To activate chakra energy for intuition, extra sensory perception, psychic abilities.
Oils: dragonfruit
Herb: cornflower
Stone: sodalite

Sacred Space
To help feel sacred protection and serenity wherever you may be. To create a space of protection, tranquility, and security through your daily life.
Oils: amber, frankincense, myrrh, copal
Herb: sage
Stone: petrified wood

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