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Psychic Protection Bag - Blessing Salt

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For psychic protection. Helps in avoiding the evil eye, jealousy, office gossip, and bullying. Also good for empaths who are sensitive to other's energies. Helps to create boundaries and a feeling of safety.

Place a small cloth or fabric pouch of Psychic Protection Salt in a backpack or in your purse/wallet/bag. Keep a small bowl at your desk in the office to protect from negative influences and office politics. For psychic practitioners, place a bowl of salt by your work area to help protect you as you open up to receive messages.

Contains: Hawaiian and Himalayan Sea Salt, lavender flowers, star anise, silver leaf, mica and Sedona Psychic Protection Empowerment Oil.
Approximately 6 oz. of salt

For metaphysical use only. Do not ingest or bathe in. May stain or damage furnishings. Keep out of reach of children and pets.