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Queen Bee - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Be the Queen! It’s time to take charge and release your inner goddess! Be your true, confident, and beautiful self. Wear each oil or create a mist to immerse yourself in goddess energy.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Goddess Within
To help bring forth a woman’s inner “Goddess” feminine energy, personal self-assurance and inner beauty. Also helps to increase self-esteem and to encourage compassionate love for yourself and others. The oils and stone together help to bring about emotional balance, femininity, and grace.
Oils: magnolia and jasmine
Herb: Egyptian blue lotus
Stone: white moonstone

To let your inner light shine out. To help you be more attractive to others so that they can see your true beauty every day.
Oils: honeysuckle, rose and strawberry
Herb: rose
Stone: rose quartz

Moon Goddess
Uses lunar energy to enhance femininity; attracts love and happiness to your life.
Oils: white flower, rose and ylang-ylang
Herb: rose