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Ruby (Star) Sphere A (2.5")

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Sphere measures approximately: 2.5" in diameter
One-of-a-kind, please inspect picture carefully.
(Stone is natural - please allow for minor surface imperfections.)

Rubies sometimes display a higher reflectiveness or "chatoyance" due to Rutile (Titanium Dioxide) inclusions within the gemstone.  In higher-grade pieces, the Rutile aligns to reflect light in a perfect star like pattern known as Asterism. 

The reflectiveness (or star) within a stone was believed to be the Spirit of the stone, or a spirit caught within the stone.  In ancient times, it was believed this Spirit would protect, bring good fortune, or bestow wishes upon the bearer of the gem if they were pure in heart and intention.

Best used for:

Spiritual wisdom and joy
Inspires passion, inner-strength, and confidence
Protection from negativity and nightmares

  • Inspires spiritual wisdom and knowledge
  • Increases passion, joy, and enthusiasm
  • Clears the way for giving and receiving loving, nurturing emotions
  • Attracts wealth
  • Provides inner-strength and confidence
  • Protects against negativity and psychic attack
  • Can rejuvenate the body’s energies when fatigued; promotes health
  • Helps to dispel nightmares, fears, and sadness 

     This information serves as a quick guide of subjective metaphysical properties for crystals & gemstones formed through personal experience as well as research of historical and cultural customs & practices. Each person is unique and will experience crystals in their own way depending on their life’s experiences.

     Crystals and gemstones are tools used for living a more positive life and should be used to empower yourself to transform and grow. We possess within ourselves everything that we need to live life fully. Crystals and gemstones serve as a visual and energetic tool to help us on our path. We should not give our power away to them. They are not meant to be a substitute for medical attention.