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Sedona's Triquetra of Protection - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Sedona's Triquetra of Protection is our store's top choice for all aspects of protection! Bad EX or Bad Hex, we got you covered! Put a few drops in a diffuser, wear as a personal fragrance or around your home.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Axe the Ex
To immediately stop the energy connection between you and someone you wish to be free from.
Oils: honeysuckle, pepper, patchouli
Herb: palo santo
Stone: red jasper 

Return to Sender
Return negative and unwanted energies back to where they came from and provide spiritual protection. Helps to dispel negativity and create a “mirror” effect to bounce off our aura.
Oils: plumeria, vanilla and honeysuckle
Herb: hibiscus
Stone: labradorite

No Jinx
To wipe away self-imposed blocks and negative self talk. To help reset energies to be more positive and constructive.
Oils: spearmint, ginger, lemon and citrus
Herb: frankincense and myrrh
Stone: tiger's eye

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