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Sensual Connection - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Spice up your love life! Captivate your partner with an aroma of tantric energy to bring romantic flare. Put a few drops in a massage oil, candle or anoint yourselves to create that “you can’t get enough of me” attraction.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

Heart's Desire
Helps to bring about the energy of what you want most, in your heart, whatever that may be. This oil radiates love, light, good luck and gratitude, while helping you to attract your heart’s desires.
Oils: sweet pea, honey almond
Herb: heather
Stone: garnet

To enhance your attractiveness and sensuality and to draw others to you in romance.
Oils: dark musk and amber
Herb: damiana

To raise spiritual tantric and sexual energy, for more passionate and romantic love in your relationships.
Oils: rose, strawberry and amber
Herb: damiana