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Shielding Cloak - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Empathy is a natural human trait, but we nee to protect our own emotional barriers. Use this trio to help shield emotional stress from others. Wear 1 drop of each oil before heading out, or wear as a personal empowerment fragrance. 

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Empath Armour
To create a circle of protection from intrusive energies while being open and compassionate with others. Helps us to not take on other people’s Karmic Responsibility.
Oils: patchouli, sage, cedar, dragon's blood
Herb: lavender
Stone: smoky quartz

Invisibility Cloak
To remain unnoticed by others around you, or to become elusive to someone who is bothering you, or a person you are trying to avoid.
Oils: fern, honeysuckle, jasmine
Herb: poppy flower petals
Stone: bloodstone

Psychic Protection
To help ward off jealousy, negative energies directed towards you and protect from “evil eye”.
Oils: blend of red clover and lemongrass
Herb: frankincense and myrrh
Stone: tiger’s eye

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