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Smudge Kit: Sage, Cedar, Abalone, Charcoal, Feather, Stone

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Kit Contains: Sweetgrass, 5" Sage Bundle, Flat Cedar, Abalone Shell, Quick-lite Charcoal, Mini Fan, and Tumbled Stone


This kit from Earth's Elements contains: Sweetgrass, Sage Bundle, Flat Cedar, Abalone Shell, Quick-lite Charcoal, Mini Feather Fan, and Tumbled Stone (Aventurine)

Sweetgrass - a sacred herb which when burned helps to call in beauty, harmony and “sweet” positive energy - frequently used after burning sage to fill the now cleared space with positive intentions.  Often used before prayers or ceremonies to invite "good spirits", and to strengthen the ties of a group or community.

Sage - burn to purify, clear, and cleanse.

Cedar - revered by people all over the world for hundreds of years, known for its strength and endurance due to its long roots. Cedar is often used in House Blessing Ceremonies to bring in stability and good influences.  We suggest burning it after the sage to fill the now cleared space with the energy of strength and stability.
Cedar bits can be burned on the Quick-lite Charcoal - please be sure to place on a heatproof surface.

Mini Feather Fan - can be used to gently fan the sage, sweetgrass, or cedar as it's burning to waft the smoke to where it's needed or to encourage the smoldering to continuously burn without going out.

Green Aventurine Stone
¨ Attracts prosperity, abundance, and money
¨ An all around good luck stone, especially in matters of love and games of chance
¨ Enhances perception and sharpens intelligence
¨ Helps to clear mental and emotional blocks, encouraging positive attitudes
¨ Relieves anxiety and fear
¨ Promotes good health and wellness

Abalone Shell - used to catch falling ash and embers.  The inclusion of shell in smudging is to invite in all aspects of the Medicine Wheel representing our connection with the sacred natural world.  Each direction of the Medicine Wheel can be associated with the 4 Elements.

North: Earth, the sage and herbs used in smudging (also the stone)
East: Air, the sacred smoke that rises to carry away negativity (also the feather)
South: Fire, the element that burns the sage and herbs to release its power
West: Water, the abalone shell with its connections to the cleansing sea

Smudging is a Native American tradition of purifying, cleansing and blessing sacred spaces, homes, businesses, implements or people. The smoke of the burning sage helps to carry away negative energies.