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Dragon Keychain, Wood

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Wood Dragon Keychain, carved from Jujube Wood (Chinese Date)
(Full length including keyring measures approximately 4")

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to enhance:

(RAM in 2022)
Virtue of Dragon 
influence - use to bring happiness, harmony, and beneficial help.  Frequently this help comes by way of a "Nobleman" whether an older male family figure, a father, uncle, grandfather, or even a manager, or boss.  Carry this charm for help to be  available to you if you seek it.


The Dragon is a symbol of great strength, power, success, good fortune, and blessings.
One of China’s most complex, widespread, and popular symbols, the Dragon bears great mythological and cosmological significance.

A symbol of the emperor and ”Yang-chi” or masculine vital-force energy.

Good-natured, celestial creatures of strength, power, protection, prosperity, success, and victory.

Of the 4-cardinal directions, Ruler of the East, the season of Spring, and direction of sunrise.

Often shown with a ball or pearl representing thunder, it is the dragon in the clouds that causes life-giving rain to fall.  Also associated with seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and waterways.