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Kuan Yin with Dragon Keychain, Wood

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Wood Kuan Yin with Dragon Keychain, carved from Jujube Wood (Chinese Date)
(Full length including keyring measures approximately 4")

Use this auspicious Feng Shui cure to protect against:

(RAT in 2022)
Sadness/Loss influence - carry to mitigate someone you know, friends, or family from potential serious illness which leads to loss, or loss of belongings/money.

(RABBIT in 2022)
Minor Illness influence - use to protect against illness and physical ailments especially when feeling lack in energy, weary, or tired.  Be sure not to over extend yourself.


Kuan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.  Her name roughly translates to “She who hears the weeping world.”

It is said that Kuan Yin was so concerned for humanity that, upon receiving enlightenment, she chose to retain human form rather than transcending to pure energy so as to stay until every single living creature attained enlightenment.  Many believe Kuan Yin answers every prayer addressed to her.  The mere utterance of her name in prayer was said to relieve suffering.  She brings comfort and peace to those in need. 

Kuan Yin holds a Flower Vase bearing the waters of immortal compassion. Oftentimes depicted slaking the thirst of a dragon representing her ability to quench earthly desires and bring peace by easing unrest, anger, and need.

She is frequently also depicted with Lotus Blossoms – growing in mud, yet rising above the waters to bloom immaculate, the lotus represents purity and perfection; a part of, yet existing above the mud of the earthly world of need and desire.


The Dragon is a symbol of great strength, power, success, good fortune, and blessings.
One of China’s most complex, widespread, and popular symbols, the Dragon bears great mythological and cosmological significance.

A symbol of the emperor and ”Yang-chi” or masculine vital-force energy.

Good-natured, celestial creatures of strength, power, protection, prosperity, success, and victory.

Of the 4-cardinal directions, Ruler of the East, the season of Spring, and direction of sunrise.

Often shown with a ball or pearl representing thunder, it is the dragon in the clouds that causes life-giving rain to fall.  Also associated with seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and waterways.