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Zen Your Den - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

To bring perfect happiness, great joy, and fill your life with love and optimism
Oils: orange flower and sandalwood
Herb: orange blossom
Stone: prehnite

Positive Energy
To release negativity and increase your positive attitude and light. Also lifts the energy of your surroundings.
Oils: citrus and herb blend
Herb: sunflower
Stone: clear quartz

Peaceful Home
To create a relaxing, serene & peaceful atmosphere at home or in a healing room. The oils and stone together create tranquility & harmony helping to reduce stress, tension, and worry. Excellent for use after work to rest more comfortably and ease into sleep.
Oils: frangipani and sandalwood
Herb: daisy petals
Stone: blue lace agate