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Zen Your Den - Ancient Memory Oil Set

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Put all restless thoughts to bed and zen your den. This trio is sure to help release the mind of worries and bring you serenity and peace to your home. Put a few drops in a diffuser or bath to bring relaxation.

Get three Ancient Memory Oils in a themed set for a special discounted price!

To bring perfect happiness, great joy, and fill your life with love and optimism
Oils: orange flower and sandalwood
Herb: orange blossom
Stone: prehnite

Positive Energy
To release negativity and increase your positive attitude and light. Also lifts the energy of your surroundings.
Oils: citrus and herb blend
Herb: sunflower
Stone: clear quartz

Peaceful Home
To create a relaxing, serene & peaceful atmosphere at home or in a healing room. The oils and stone together create tranquility & harmony helping to reduce stress, tension, and worry. Excellent for use after work to rest more comfortably and ease into sleep.
Oils: frangipani and sandalwood
Herb: daisy petals
Stone: blue lace agate