Hannah will be unavailable for readings until Friday, January 4th 2019

Meet Hannah

Spiritual Intuitive

My purpose as a reader is to motivate, uplift and encourage people. To let them know there is always hope.

Subjects: Love and Relationships, Career and Life Purpose, Spiritual and Personal Growth

Tools: Tarot, pendulum, channeling, psychometry

Abilities: Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, and Clairaudient.

Style: Straightforward, Compassionate and Inspirational.

Readings on: Fridays 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


「私の最大の喜びは、前に進めなくしていた問題を克服する力をみなさんが取り戻す事です。人が希望を取り戻し、再び笑顔が戻る時、私は至福を感じます。 自分が行動する際はっきりとした意図を持つ事によって、私たちは物事を変えることができると信じています。そうする事により自分のエネルギーを変え、引いては未来を変えることになります。」




専門: 愛/恋愛関係、人間関係、仕事、人生の使命、魂の成長、人としての成長

ツール: タロット、ペンジュラム(振り子)、チャネリング、サイカメトリー(人の所有物に触れ情報を得る)

能力: サイキック力(五感以上の感覚)-視覚的に感じる、感情/体感が分る、「分る』という感覚を持つ、聴覚的に感じる

スタイル: 率直、思いやり深い、インスピレーションをくれる

担当日時: 金曜 11:00 am – 3:30 pm 土曜 10:30 am – 5:30 pm



Reader Interview with Hannah – Spiritual Intuitive

What do you feel is your main purpose as a reader?

My purpose as a reader is to motivate, uplift and encourage people. To let them know there is always hope. Several years ago, I came to the realization that I’ve been reading energy and doing readings since I was a child. For as long as I can remember, I’d have prophetic dreams. So I would just know when something was going to happen. I’d say I’ve always been psychic since I’ve always been able to sense the invisible realm and tune into people.

How do you do your readings and what will I experience in one of your readings?

I like to use Tarot cards, though I use them more intuitively. Sometimes the messages and information comes through so strongly, I don’t focus as much on the cards. I often just give what impressions I’m getting without letting the client ask questions until later, but at other times I may start out by asking the client for a question. It really depends on what I feel guided to do. My style of reading is straightforward, so I don’t hold anything back but I do share what I see with sensitivity and compassion.

What methods or tools do you use in your readings to access your intuition and information?

I like to use Tarot cards. I am able to intuitively zero in on the exact issues they have that are blocking them from being happy and successful. Then, with the help of my spirit team of guides and angels, I offer suggestions and even specific exercises to help them dissolve or shift these blockages. Of course, I am also able to just do a basic reading of the situation they are concerned about, to give them clarity and direction.

As a reader what situations or areas do you most enjoy helping people with?

My greatest joy comes from empowering people to break through the issues they have that are holding them back.

What do you enjoy most about giving readings?

I am ecstatic when I can restore someone’s hope and make them smile again. I like to tell people, “I can help you become as happy as you are able to allow yourself to be.” I enjoy empowering people to trust in their guidance so they can find their own answers.

Will you tell me “bad” things?

I don’t usually hold anything back so I will give all the details of whatever I am getting. However, I know the future can be changed, if we adjust our beliefs and heal our issues so I do my best to offer solutions if possible.

Is my future set or can I change things?

I believe we can change things through our intention and in that way, shift the energy and change our future. However, I will not intrude on another person’s privacy so if the question is inappropriate I won’t answer it.

How long have you been giving readings professionally?

As I already mentioned, I’ve been reading energy and people for as long as I can remember, though professionally, I’ve only been in practice since 2010.

Who were your teachers and mentors that helped shape the way you do readings?

Pamela Johnson, another psychic reader and metaphysical teacher here at Sedona, has been a strong influence on my readings. Pamela taught me how to work with the psychic/spiritual energies that readers must be able to manage and direct in their sessions. Another person who influenced me was the woman who taught me the Hawaiian herbal medicine, La’au Lapa’au.

Tell me a little about some other interesting things that you do.

I am a devout Christian, but I am totally accepting of all faiths and people from every walk of life. I enjoy working with people who are very religious who usually tend to be leery of psychic readings. I know how to calm their fears and show them that intuition, like everything else in this world, is also part of God’s plan. That said, I can just as easily give a reading to anyone, because I love to be of service to whoever the Universe puts in my path.



Hannah is a very genuine and caring person. Her readings and recommendations proved to be accurate. She provided follow up contact with me to see how things were going. I truly am thankful for Hannah coming into my life... if our paths had not crossed, I would not have met a truly wonderful and gifted person.


I highly recommend meeting with Hannah. I had a reading with her a couple weeks ago and was so at ease talking to her and asking questions. I feel she provided me with valuable insight to factors of my life which I had concerns about. The “down to earth” and honest insight is helping me through issues that I am dealing with in my personal life. I appreciate her openness and have taken her advice.


Oh my, Hannah is sooo spiritually connected. She is so focused on what she does. She picks up on energies and information before I could even ask. She does not sugar coat anything, she tells it like it is, but she is so sensitive to other peoples feelings also. I highly recommend Hannah for Spiritual advice and counseling. She is so blessed with this gift from God.