Meet Sarah

Spiritual Intuitive

“I’m open to thinking that we are attracted to one another for a reason.  I believe that we can have many purposes in life.  To limit us to just one purpose is unrealistic, even as a reader.  I just want to be able to help people.”

Subjects: Spiritual Paths, Relationships, Career Advice

Abilities: Intuitive Reader

Style: Straightforward, Compassionate, Understanding

Readings On: Tuesdays 5:30PM – 8:30PM


Reader Interview with Sarah Chamberlain – Spiritual Intuitive

How long have you been giving readings professionally?

Since 2009

Who were your teachers and mentors that helped shape the way you do readings?

I’ve had many teachers whom have taught me a lot.  My first real teacher was back in 2007 when I was taking psychic development courses.

How many years have you studied for your profession?

I started dabbing into astrology when I was twenty-years old.  About 22 years, but who’s counting?

How do you do your readings and what will your client experience in one of your readings?

I use Osho Zen Tarot, and tea-leaf readings on request.  My clients can expect a well-grounded Intuitive Reader who will provide them guidance on their journey.  I don’t solve problems, and am not a therapist.  I only assist people in need who are looking for some answers.

What methods or tools do you use in your readings to access your intuition and information?

I get ready for my readings by taking a few deep breaths with my clients to help clear our heads.  I will then use my tarot cards to start the reading.

As a reader what situations or areas do you most enjoy helping people with?

I really enjoy making people smile, or at least make them feel better when they come in for a reading.  I’m not too keen on providing relationship advice, but if the situation warrants, I will add some guidance.  I want people to feel empowered when they come in for a reading, and leave with a sense of purpose.

What do you feel is your main purpose as a reader?

I’m not sure if I have a main purpose.  I’m open to thinking that we are attracted to one another for a reason.  I believe that we can have many purposes in life.  To limit us to just one purpose is unrealistic, even as a reader.  I just want to be able to help people.

Will you tell me “bad” things?

Life is full of “good” and “bad” situations.  Sometimes we choose to make bad decisions, and have to face the consequences.  I try to be gentle during a reading, but I’m also honest, and fair.  I don’t hold back, and for some that can be unsettling.  I don’t really believe in Karma, as your decisions are based on how you make decisions in life.  Karma is something that people can use as an excuse for bad behavior.

Is the future set or can the client change things? In your readings do you share with clients how they can change things?

The future is never set.  Readings are about providing helpful information to the client to give them some clarity, and tools.  When you get a reading it’s up to you, the individual, to decide whether or not you like the future or not.  You have complete control to change it.  I try to give the client some helpful ways to help shift their perspectives on the situation.

What do you enjoy most about giving readings?

Giving readings can sometimes be tricky.  Sometimes it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.  However, I love being able to help others out, and at times, give them the love that they so desperately need.

Tell me about some other interesting things you do, especially in the areas of metaphysics?

I really enjoy giving tea-leaf readings.  It’s a tradition that has been passed down in my family for three generations.  I use some Chinese Astrology at the beginning of a reading, just to help get a sense of the personality of the client.


Sarah has amazed me since the day we met. There is nothing vague or ambiguous about what she shares, and her insight has always been spot on. I've had readings before and, without exception, have been able to interpret what is said to mean what most closely aligned with my desire. Maybe it's because Sarah and I are a good fit, but she has a profound sense of knowing and is able to present my possibilities without the ego of labeling them as certainties. Sarah handles herself with compassion, confidence, and directness. I've never had reason to doubt her sincerity in helping me gain greater clarity and peace in my life. This has helped me, not only with the questions I've asked, but also in my own growth. Every session with her has surprised me with its insight and then exceeded any expectation I may have had. I love this lady and can't wait to see her again!


The first time I met Sarah, I was skeptical about her claims of being a psychic. However, since that very first day, it has been a non-stop journey in spiritual and mystical enlightenment. She really knew me and had been spot on her readings many, many times. I didn’t think I was intuitive, after all I am conservative, but she did show me a part of me I never knew I had. And now, I can’t get enough. Thank you Sarah!


On one day in particular, I was feeling very sad, depressed, and even suicidal. I had not previously told Sarah about my recent divorce and abusive ex husband. When I went to see her, she immediately connected with an older woman spirit in the room – my mom’s mom. The hairs on my arm stood up because my grandmother had just passed away months before that, which I never told Sarah. She was able to describe what my grandmother looked like to validate that my grandma was present. She also said that my grandma kept mentioning something about blue knitted blanket. When I came home later that evening, in my closet I found a blue knitted blanket up high on a shelf that she had knitted. The most important message that was relayed to me by my grandma through Sarah was to “let it go”. All the bad feelings that I had been harboring inside of me from my divorce were finally released. I don’t think Sarah knows the impact that she had on my life that day. Her reading saved and changed my life. Thank you, Sarah!