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Sedona Hawaii Show – Astrology: Timing is Everything with Sundae Merrick

By January 28, 2017Uncategorized

Timing is everything! That’s the first thing Sundae will tell us as she answers basic questions so many of us have about astrology: what are transits, sun signs, moon signs and ascendant or rising signs? What do all of those numbers say about me personally and what do they mean in my relationship and professional life? How can astrology help me anticipate and navigate difficult times as well as times filled with great possibility? Do we have free will or are we “stuck” with permanent limitations based on how the planets were lined up when we were born? Can we fix old patterns and develop ourselves using astrology?

Our co-hosts also engage in a personal interview Sundae who is a psychic reader and astrologer at Sedona. Understanding the perfect combination of left and right-brained training, Sundae graduated with honors in Biological Sciences before overcoming her resistance and becoming a third-generation psychic. She is also the author of a book and a chart about Astrology and Divination techniques entitled Divine Reason and Rhyme: Access Higher Guidance and Nature’s Wisdom, which is available for purchase at Sedona’s store. There will be a break or two in the middle of the podcast to let you know a bit more about Sedona and what we offer in our store. Remember to stick around after the breaks for the rest of our conversation! In the last segment we do a little piece where we ask all of our guests the same set of questions at the end of each show in the style of The Actor’s Studio.