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SEDONA Hawaii Show – How to Use Intuition on Demand with Dr. Helen Stewart

By November 9, 2016Blog, Podcast

SEDONA PODCAST SHOW – How to Use Intuition on Demand
With Dr. Helen Stewart

What should we do when we get intuitive messages? How do we even know that information coming to us really is intuition and not just distorted ego or fantasy? Can anybody learn how to use intuition on demand and are there special practices that help ordinary folks access their intuition in ethical ways? This round table discussion puts the accent on surprise and trust in figuring out specific ways to recognize and use intuition for yourself or someone else.

We also interview Dr. Helen Stewart, who lived all over the world and came to specialize in business intuition later in life.  Before joining the Sedona family as a reader and co-host of the Sedona Hawaii Podcast, she was a faculty member and administrator at several universities, worked for the United Nations Development Program and consulted for many small organizations and large companies. She was even a simultaneous interpreter in French for the U.S. State Department for many years! But the thing she is most proud of is raising her granddaughter to be an amazing human being who lives in a safe universe and shares her deep knowledge and love for horses with others.

There will be one break in the podcast to let you know a bit more about Sedona and what we offer in our store. Remember to stick around after that for the rest of our conversation – the show is not over! We do a little piece where we ask all of our guests the same set of questions at the end of the show in the style of The Actor’s Studio.

Click here to listen to the full Sedona Hawaii podcast with guest Helen Stewart.