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SEDONA Hawaii Show – Shanti Kai

By May 3, 2017Blog

with Dr. Jayme Jensen
March 2017


Do you know the difference between a flower essence and an essential oil? Did you know that gemstones have essences too?  Just exactly what is a “vibrational frequency?”

In this podcast Dr. Jayme Jensen will answer these questions and many more about her unique Shanti Kai™ line of individual and blended flower and gemstone essences. A biochemist, holistic doctor and clinical hypnotherapist by training, Dr. Jensen came to her current work through a string of fascinating life experiences: her stories are enthralling!

Jayme will talk first about the various essences and their energy properties, including how they work together in blends. She will explain how to use essences for personal, professional and spiritual benefit, and whether or not you can influence someone else’s behavior through your own use of flower and gemstone essences.

Our co-hosts Malia Johnson, the owner of Sedona, plus readers Darrell Harada and Helen Stewart will also introduce you to the more personal side of our guest Dr. Jensen, including medical challenges and a love for basic research.

There will be a break or two in the middle of the podcast to let you know a bit more about Sedona and what we offer in our store. Remember to stick around after the breaks for the rest of this informative conversation!

Click here to listen to the full Sedona Hawaii podcast with guest Dr. Jayme Jensen, developer and owner of the Shanti Kai™ line of flower, gemstone and mineral essences.

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