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SEDONA Hawaii Show – Sound Healing with Dudley Yogi

By June 11, 2017Blog

with Dudley Yogi
June 2017

Dudley Yogi is an intuitive channel and healer who uses Tibetan bowls and other instruments as an important part of his work. It is too bad you were not in the studio with us to see and feel the extended vibration of these beautiful tones long after a note is struck. All of us felt he had done a session just for us! But you will experience a sampling of these sounds and chants during the podcast as Dudley explains some of the history of sound healing around the world and how he uses sound to counsel and heal people from all walks of life.

The untimely death of Dudley’s first wife played a huge role in his awakening and put him on a spiritual path. He is very forthright about his youthful lack of compassion and even arrogance before his own wake-up call to discover something more. The wonderful combination of his directness and depth make him accessible and funny and non-judgmental; he goes straight to the heart riding waves of sound. What a pleasure it is to introduce him to you and to have him at Sedona!

As always, there will be a break or two in the middle of the podcast to let you know a bit more about Sedona and what we offer in our store. Remember to stick around after the breaks for the rest of our conversation! In the last segment we do a little piece where we ask all of our guests the same set of questions at the end of each show in the style of The Actor’s Studio.

Click here to listen to the full Sedona Hawaii podcast with guest Dudley Yogi.