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SEDONA Hawaii Show – Warm Hearted Practice with Darrell Harada

By February 28, 2017Blog

With so much going on in the world around us, how can we stay centered and develop what Darrell Harada calls “The Warm-Hearted Practice?” How can we look at any situation through a warm heart, which he insists is our most natural and relaxed state? The practice begins and ends in the mind, and this podcast offers specific ways to get into a place of calmness where we can see and analyze what might be getting in the way. A roundtable discussion follows and includes answers to your questions.

We also engage in a personal interview Darrell, who is a reader at Sedona, a kahu, and co-host of the Sedona Hawaii Podcast. Well known in the local community, he is especially gifted at clearing negative energy from physical spaces and from the mind. Darrell teaches classes at Sedona and leads a free Sunday morning meditation as well.

There will be one break in the middle of the podcast to let you know a bit more about Sedona and what we offer in our store. Remember to stick around after the break for the rest of our conversation – the show is not over! We do a little piece where we ask all of our guests the same set of questions at the end of each show in the style of The Actor’s Studio.