Darrell Harada’s Specialty Readings

Freedom from Fear and Anxiety
Each new year, new job, promotion, new relationship, new move brings with it the unknown. I have seen people fail at jobs and relationships, not because they couldn’t succeed, but because they were distracted by fear and anxiety.

One reason people get psychic readings is to alleviate fear and anxiety of the unknown. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. A reading can make us feel better, but if we are honest, a mild anxiety lingers. Sometimes the anxiety stays mild, sometimes it doesn’t. Getting another prediction is often pointless. So how do we free ourselves from fear and anxiety?

Since everyone is different, some methods work better for you than for others. Freedom from Fear and Anxiety gives you the best way for you to deal with fear and anxiety. Together we will customize strategies and methods to free you from the grip of fear and anxiety.

60 Minute Session – $120
75 Minute Session –
90 Minute Session –


Going Through Grief
There are many reasons for grief. The loss of a person, home, career, identity, health. Sometimes people aren’t aware they are grieving. The stress of survival, the pressure to get on with it, get back to work, finish school, take care of the kids or parents forces us to ignore our grief.

Grief is like an unavoidable storm. It takes skill and experience to navigate your way through without capsizing the ship of your life.

Fortunately, there are many ways to navigate through the storm. Together can find a way through the storm without causing more waves in your life. Healing grief is a process that can be undertaken with compassion and kindness to yourself. After you go through the storm you will emerge a stronger wiser person.

60 Minute Session – $120
75 Minute Session –
90 Minute Session –


Overcoming Depression
In a funk?
Feel down?
Don’t quite feel like yourself?
Feeling heavy?
Can’t get motivated?

Depression isn’t just a condition of grief or sadness. To depress means to press or hold down. A halting of life force. There is resistance, a battle, inside. Getting clear about what is being pushed down, resisted, or fought is the first step.

The second step is to release, unclog, and let flow. Sounds simple, but it is often the hardest part. The substance of the flow can frighten us. If it didn’t frighten us, we wouldn’t fight or run from it in the first place. Some painful energy, experience, and disappointment wants to be expressed.

It is possible to clear the clutter, stop the war, and be free of oppressive suppressive force of depression. We can see what’s blocking you, figure out the best way to remove or release it, and let your energy flow in a kind and compassionate way. Depression is a message and once it is heard and understood the healing will begin. The journey to freedom need not be scary.

60 Minute Session – $120
75 Minute Session –
90 Minute Session –


Suddenly Psychic
I remember my first psychic experience like it was yesterday, but it happened nearly 40 years ago. We were up all night making a float for our homecoming parade. We lost track of a friend and went looking for him when I suddenly knew he had fallen asleep while driving, was in a minor accident, and was now home sleeping, and that’s exactly where we found him. The knowing didn’t just happen in my head, I felt it through my whole being. It freaked me out. I basically blew off the whole thing because I didn’t know how to handle to it.

My second major psychic event happened while doing massage, I was a little more prepared because a psychic I had befriended told me I was psychic so this time I was a little more prepared, but not by much….

Point is the changes that happen to you when you open up are often scary, disorienting, and overwhelming. Over the years I have worked hard to understand the psychic awakening process. Today due to the popularity of psychic mediums many people think it is their job to help lost souls…, maybe and maybe not. I’ve encountered more people than I can remember who’s lives and health were completely derailed because they didn’t get good education as to how to integrate psychic awakening into their lives.

If this sound like you and you want or need guidance, I can help. You don’t need to seek blindly. I remember thinking I was going crazy while trying to feel my way in the dark as I read every psychic book I could find, picking as many brains as I could, only to realize I needed to understand my way of being psychic. This is a journey I know I can help you with because I did it for myself and many others who have come to me for readings because they were freaking out feeling like they were going crazy or tired because they just couldn’t stop the voices it visits, if it’s happening to you you will know exactly what I mean. I can help end the fear, confusion and fatigue. You can grow in your ability with confidence and peace of mind.

60 Minute Session – $120
75 Minute Session –
90 Minute Session –


Clearing Negative Energy
We wash our hands to clean then of negative potentially harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. Environmental toxins can cause cancer. Less well known outside of the spiritual community are the dangers of negative energies. I have been involved in countless clearings where negative energies had led to arguments, illness, divorce and even death.

Sources of negative energy include:

  • Negative vibes from emotions like anger, frustration, fear.
  • Complaining, grumbling, gossip as well as backstabbing competitiveness.
  • Possessive and jealous people.
  • The Evil Eye.
  • Psychic attack.
  • Lost souls (ghosts), low level entities, dark angels and demons.

I am usually called as a last resort. I’ve cleared businesses where people have gotten sick, some even died, due to negative energies that were not dealt with or handled improperly. I trained for nearly 10 years with a kahuna – Hawaiian Shaman, Healer, Sage. I have nearly 15 years experience clearing people, places and things of every kind of negative energy there is. If you need something, some place or someone cleared, I can help.

60 Minute Session – $120
75 Minute Session – $150
90 Minute Session – $180


Feel Like Yourself Again, Love Yourself Again, Love Life Again
One of the healing methods I learned from a kahuna, or Hawaiian Shaman Healer Sage was to bring groups or individuals back to harmony. Internal imbalance ranges from not feeling like yourself to self-hate. The kahuna trained me in an amazingly effective way to get back to feeling like yourself, loving yourself and loving life again.

Traditionally it took as long as it took. There was no time limit. In my experience it usually takes 3-4 hours. Most people don’t have that much time for a single session so I have adapted it to be spread out over several sessions when necessary. I would like to tell you how and what will happen, but each person and each situation is unique requiring its own solution. We are embarking on a vision quest, a soul retrieval, and a pilgrimage. It won’t be easy, but it is always rewarding.

60 Minute Session – $120
75 Minute Session –
90 Minute Session –



How well do you know yourself, your talents, abilities, challenges, and your patterns?
Some believe our lives are pre-destined and written in the stars, that we have no free will or power to change or transform ourselves; not true.
Planets and stars do not control us; they simply reflect our energy and patterns.  We have free will and it is up to us to expand our spiritual power to be more creative with our lives. We can transform ourselves through self-development and actualization.  We came here to heal, grow, evolve and express. Astrology is your personal map and guide to do this.
Sundae’s Astrological Readings consists of Personal Consultations, Business Consultations, Personal Natal, Child Natal, Future Consultations,
and Relationship Consultations.
12 Month Timeline Reading
This is the most awesome tool for planning your life, romance, finances, health and business. If you want to know what cycles you are going through and when they will end, this reading is for you. Whatever life gives us, we can know about it in advance and have a plan to meet the challenge and have better results. If you are planning a marriage, a new enterprise or business, a vacation, a baby, wouldn’t you want to do it when the force is with you? We want to know when money and love are good and you can know through this reading. This is a detailed chronological map of your life cycles.
 Length of Session: 90 minutes
 Fee: $180
 1 week advanced notice and pre-payment is REQUIRED
Friends and Lovers Reading
This is a super special reading to comprehend how two people relate and why. Many people want to understand their relationships and how to make them better. This breaks down the nuts and bolts of how the two of you get along, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It indicates what family or relationship karma is present. You will also discover how to navigate the relationship better. It can be a great opportunity to understand your child, siblings, parents and know what makes the relationship better. This is one of the best opportunities to have better relationships.
 Length of Session: 2 hours
Fee: $240
 1 week advanced notice and pre-payment is REQUIRED

Lisa Zara’s Specialty Readings

Intuitive Reiki Specialty Reading with Lisa Zara

What is Reiki? How can Reiki help you in your daily life?

Reiki is the ancient practice of channeling Ki, the life force present in all living things, to relieve pain, increase energy, dissipate stress, and heal you emotionally. During the “Intuitive Reiki” specialty reading, Psychic Medium and Usui Reiki Master Lisa Zara will use her intuitive gifts in combination with Reiki to facilitate your deep healing and wellness.

Your 60 minute specialty reading consists of three sections, and begins with a consultation to discuss your needs, concerns and wellness goals. Lisa will then use her intuitive gifts to connect with her Spirit Guides to discover any underlying issues and develop a plan for resolution. She may use singing bowls to clear and balance your energy centers, and guide you in setting your intentions to prolong the benefits of the Reiki beyond the specialty session.

In the second section, Lisa will channel the Ki energy by resting her hands on your shoulders and back. You may feel a sensation such as heat, vibration, or a tingling sensation. Regardless of the sensation you feel, the Ki energy will have a positive effect, and Reiki’s relaxing effect is felt immediately.

During the third and final section, Lisa will discuss with you any additional intuitive impressions or messages she receives from her Spirit Guides. These insights can help you to reach your wellness goals.

Benefit(s) to the Client: Increased vitality, well-being, stress relief and emotional healing.

Length of session: 60 minutes                     Cost: $120

Requirements: One week advanced notice

Connecting with your Guides to Unlock your Intuitive Gifts with Lisa Zara

Are you curious about your own intuitive gifts? Have you ever wondered if you are intuitive, but are overwhelmed by what you see and feel, or unsure if what you feel is your intuition or just your imagination? Are you a sensitive person who takes on the emotional energy of others, leaving you feeling exhausted and drained at the end of the day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have intuitive gifts.

In this one hour specialty reading, psychic medium Lisa Zara will connect with your spirit guides to help you to discover your intuitive gifts and teach you how to set boundaries to manage your gifts. This specialty reading is for anyone, whether you’re just curious about intuition, or you are already fully connected with your intuitive gifts and need some guidance on how to manage it in your daily life.

In the first part of the reading, Lisa will explain the different types of intuitive gifts – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. She will connect with your spirit guides so they can indicate what your gifts are and how they impact your life. Lisa and your spirit guides will then teach you how to use them and set intentions to fully connect with your gifts.

In the second half of the reading, you will learn how to work with your spirit guides to set boundaries. Healthy boundaries are important, especially for those who are sensitive or have an intuitive gift, and help you to manage and filter what you pick so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or anxious. Lisa will also teach you how to set limits on when and what you see and feel, as well as setting limits on absorbing negative energy from other people in our lives.

Benefit(s) to the Client:
Connecting fully with your own intuitive gifts will help you to live your best life and make decisions with confidence. It helps you to know when you are on the right path, or if you need to make a change.

Length of the Session: 1 hour   Fee: $120


Pet Aura Readings and Holistic Consultations
with Dr. Jayme Jensen

What to Expect in a Shanti Kai™ Pet Consultation?
Shanti Kai™ pet Consultations may help you better address the concerns of your pet.* In a consultation, I will tune into your pet and scan his or her aura and will tell you what I see and talk to you about what it means. With your permission (and the pet’s) I may transmit energy to the pet to help bring balance and clear energetic blockages that present during the session… because pets are people too and they need balancing just like you!


Why does my Pet need to have its energy balanced?
Our pets’ live in the environment we create for them, often experiencing the same stress that we do- and can become energetically imbalanced the same way we do. Furthermore, a myriad of other issues from food, environment, lifestyle, genetics, and trauma can also effect the health and well-being of your furry friend.


Why do I need a pet reading or consultation?
An animal’s energy field is similar to human’s in that it carries a sort of blueprint of the soul’s history; whenever there is an imbalance, including illness and/or injury in the physical body there is always a corresponding rupture or tear in the pets auric field. By reading your pet’s aura I begin to get a picture of the overall animal soul – and to gain insight into the underlying problems or issues it may be experiencing.  This can be very beneficial especially since our pets can’t communicate the same way we do and often we do not know if something is wrong until a problem has “blown up”, frequently requiring medical attention or emergency intervention.


What can I do for my pet to help keep him or her balanced?
Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences offer a safe, gentle alternative to managing your pet’s stress that doesn’t involve chemicals or hard to swallow pills.
Our Pet Essence line includes Feline (Purrfect Sense), Canine (Bow Wow), and Avian (Treetops) Essences and come in both drops and sprays.  (For more information about these products visit www.shantikai.com).


Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences include:
* Increases calm and relaxation
* Increases balance and ease
* Increases physical emotional and mental well-being
* Increases ability to cope with changes and stress
* Improved behavior
* Improved response to other therapies, wellness alternatives or healing techniques


What are Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences?
Flower Essences have been used since the 1930s to help restore balance to the body’s energy field. Shanti Kai™ Essences are unique in that they contain carefully crafted blends of Hawaiian Flowers and Gemstones – drawing from an ingredient base of over 400 individual essences. In Western Medicine, we attempt to alleviate symptoms or eradicate disease through medications and surgery. Shanti Kai™ Essences are based on the “science of vibration” and seek to alter the subtle energy fields in the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) so that they resonate according to their optimal health levels.


How can I sign-up for a Pet Aura Reading and Holistic Consultation?
We book specialty readings both online and over the phone. If you’d like to book online please scroll down and click the signup button below. If you’d like to book over the phone you can call SEDONA at #808-591-8010 during normal business hours. Payment for the session must be made in advance and can be processed either over the phone or online depending on your preference. When bringing your pet to the store please keep them in a carrier or on a leash at all times. Longer sessions are recommended for pets with more severe conditions.


How can I buy Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences?
SEDONA does not carry Shanti Kai Pet Essences at this time. They can be purchased online at www.shantikai.com and shipped anywhere in the United States and certain international addresses.

*Shanti Kai™ Pet Consultations and Pet Essences are not intended as a substitute or replacement for proper veterinary care and medical attention. Dr Jayme M Jensen, NHD does not diagnose or prescribe and is not responsible for decisions you make regarding caring for your pet. Please check with your veterinarian if you have health concerns or questions regarding your pet.



Service: Henna Body Art
with Kiyomi

3:00pm – 5:00pm every Sunday
Available during some Holidays & Special Events

The natural body art pictured here is called Mehndi and is often seen adorning the hands and feet of Indian brides. Now anyone can wear this natural body art for a party or special occasion. Our Mehndi artist Kiyomi Sugihara uses an organic henna paste with lemon, sugar and essential oils to make these beautiful intricate designs. The henna design is drawn by hand on top of your skin, no needles are used. It is completely pain free and very relaxing.

Kiyomi worked as a graphic designer and also a Hawaiian quilt instructor before following her passion and training in the style of Indian & Pakistani Henna art. She has been practicing her art since 2008.

Each design lasts for about a week.
Smaller designs start at $20.00 and take about 15 minutes to draw.
Call #808-591-8010 to schedule an appointment today!


All the specialty readings require a prepayment


Psychic Astrologer

スペシャルティー・リーディング – サンデー・メレック



長さ: 90分
通訳付きリーディング: $305
一週間前要予約 予約時先払い

あなたの人生、愛、金銭/経済、健康、仕事の計画を立てるのに一番最適なセッションと言えます。今どんな周期にいるのか、それがいつ終わるのかを知りたければ、このリーディングはあなたにピッタリです。あなたの人生がどういう計画になっているとしても、それを事前に知り、困難さに備え、そこからよい結果を得られる自分作りができます。あなたが結婚、起業、休暇、子供を作る計画をしているとすれば、いつがよい時機なのか、お分りになりたくないですか? 多数の方はいつ恋愛やお金にとってよい時機かを知りたいと思っています。それをこのリーディングでお分りになる事ができます。これはあなたの人生の地図です。

長さ: 90分
通訳付きリーディング: $305
一週間前要予約 予約時先払い

二人の人間がどう関わり合い、それはどうしてなのかを理解する、とても特別なリーディングです。多くの方たちは自分のもつ愛の関係を理解し、よりよい関係にする方法を知りたがっています。二人の人達が肉体的、感情的、心理的、魂的に仲良くするための細かい要点をお見せします。そして、どんな過去生がらみの事情が家族や愛の関係に存在するのかを指摘し、その関係をうまく進めていく方法を学びます。 お子さん、兄弟、両親やパートナーについて、より理解し、どうしたらよりよい関係にできるのかを知る最高のチャンスであり、愛する者とよい関係を持つための貴重な機会です。

長さ: 2時間
通訳付きリーディング: $405
一週間前要予約 予約時先払い


Psychic Medium

スペシャルティー・リーディング – ダレル・ハラダ


私たちは毎日毎瞬、いろいろ違う周波数で振動するエネルギー体です。生活はただ喧騒と混乱にしか思えない事がしばしばありますが、それは私たちが自分たちの持つエネルギー体を使う方法を充分に学んでいないからなんです。質の高いピアノのように、私たちの心、体、魂というエネルギー体の波長を調律する必要があります。 そうすることによって調和を持ってそのエネルギー体という「楽器」を弾く事ができ、生命と宇宙の力を使ってすばらしい音楽をかなでる事ができます。その音楽で楽しく流れる毎日を生きる事ができるようになります。そして日々の喧騒から逃れて、私たちはすばらしい音楽家と作曲家となり、調和と美しさを毎日の生活の中に作り上げることができます。

60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305

よいカルマ、悪いカルマ (カルマ=前生の行為とその結果としての宿命 )


60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305


これはサイキック力(五感以上の情報取得法、直感力)と実践的方針と練習を合わせてあなたの夢の実現を図るためのライフ・コーチング・セッションです。 夢の実現の計画作成の為に三つのD: 望むこと(Desiring)、やること(Doing)、やり終えること (Done)をやります。 あなたの望む人生を引き寄せ、自分のものとする為の能力を高め、心/体/魂全部へのアプローチをします。ご注意: これはただ単に気持ちがよくなるという現実性のないアプローチではありません。今の人生にうんざりし、真剣に人生を変える根性がある方への本気の人生再設計セッションです。

60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305


Lisa Zara

Psychic Medium

スペシャルティー・リーディング – リサ・ザーラ





ガーディアン・エンジェルの存在を知り、エンジェル達からのかすかなメッセージに気づくやり方を覚える事により、あなたは決してひとりぼっちじゃない、あなたがうれしい時はその喜びを一緒に分ち合い、 困難な時はそれを乗り越えるよう、ガーディアン・エンジェルはいつも側にいるという事を学びます。

長さ:  60分   通訳付きリーディング: $205

一週間前要予約  前払い


サイキック霊媒(チャネリング)のリサ・ザーラの行うスペシャルティ・リーディング・パート2はガーディアン・エンジェル(守護天使)とあなたのスピリチュアル・ティームと直接つながり、目的達成や悩み解決法を得ることができるようになります。直接あなたのガーディアン・エンジェルとスピリチュアル・ティームとつながるために使うコーニング法についてお教えし、あなたの人生を一緒に実現する方法をご紹介します。コーニング法というのは何なのか、コーニング法をアシストしているエンジェルたちは誰なのかをご紹介し、 「最高の結果達成法」を使った夢の実現や問題解決のために、そのコーニング法をどう使うかをお教えします。



長さ:  60分   通訳付きリーディング: $205

一週間前要予約  前払い