During a sound healing, I will use a Tibetan Singing Bowl to create oscillating sound waves that vibrate throughout your skeletal bones. Think of your bones as a tuning fork to keep you balanced in an unbalanced world. This sound healing session releases any stuck energies surrounding your aura (mind, heart and soul). When you hear and feel the sound waves, your mind will relax and shift into a theta meditative state. Your heart and soul will embrace a higher divine consciousness at the same time. This Tibetan Singing Bowl attunes with each person’s energy to provide a healing session for your highest and best. This singing bowl uses ancient knowledge from past centuries and knows which vibrations are needed to heal each client’s concerns. A channeled soul chant from divine clears and blesses any unwanted spiritual energy. These spiritual energies come from your past life experiences, soul memories and ancestral DNA that influences your life today. These soul chants are channeled from divine to heal your soul at its deepest level.

Benefit(s) to the Client: 

Clients leave a sound healing session feeling light and all knowing about their purpose in life. Any lingering resistance, doubts or fears are cleared from your physical, emotional and spiritual body, so that you will be more empowered and decisive about life issues. The Tibetan Singing Bowl releases your unwanted baggage that is blocking your future success.

Length of the Session: 90 Minutes            Fee: $180                    REQUIRED: 1 week advanced notice



During a Ki Healing session, a theta meditative bubble is created to establish an energy connection between the divine and you. As the facilitator connected to divine, I witness what happens during the healing session through visualizations, feelings and messages. Depending on your concerns or purpose, divine heals the priority you need for this session. Ki Healing focuses on a variety of areas that may be influencing you (past lives, soul memories, ancestral DNA, emotional traumas, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perspectives, hidden programs, etc.). I tell each client at the end of the session what specific areas were healed with divine energy.

Benefit(s) to the Client: 

Clients leave each session feeling more settled, centered and grounded in heart & soul. You know your worth in relation to the world. Your whole being feels confident by trusting inner intuition and higher power. You become empowered to make confident decisions for your highest and best. Learn how to nurture a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing your heart and soul energy. Hidden programs that are causing blocks are cleared from past lives, soul memories and ancestral DNA. This releasing process helps you to move forward with less resistance. Each healing transforms old unbalanced spiritual energies into positive insights, such as love, happiness and success. Your future will be guided for all times by the divine light surrounding your aura.

Length of the Session: 90 Minutes           Fee: $180                REQUIRED: 1 week advanced notice



How well do you know yourself, your talents, abilities, challenges, and your patterns?
Some believe our lives are pre-destined and written in the stars, that we have no free will or power to change or transform ourselves; not true.
Planets and stars do not control us; they simply reflect our energy and patterns.  We have free will and it is up to us to expand our spiritual power to be more creative with our lives. We can transform ourselves through self-development and actualization.  We came here to heal, grow, evolve and express. Astrology is your personal map and guide to do this.
Sundae’s Astrological Readings consists of Personal Consultations, Business Consultations, Personal Natal, Child Natal, Future Consultations,
and Relationship Consultations.
12 Month Timeline Reading
This is the most awesome tool for planning your life, romance, finances, health and business. If you want to know what cycles you are going through and when they will end, this reading is for you. Whatever life gives us, we can know about it in advance and have a plan to meet the challenge and have better results. If you are planning a marriage, a new enterprise or business, a vacation, a baby, wouldn’t you want to do it when the force is with you? We want to know when money and love are good and you can know through this reading. This is a detailed chronological map of your life cycles.
 Length of Session: 90 minutes
 Fee: $180
 1 week advanced notice and pre-payment is REQUIRED
Friends and Lovers Reading
This is a super special reading to comprehend how two people relate and why. Many people want to understand their relationships and how to make them better. This breaks down the nuts and bolts of how the two of you get along, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It indicates what family or relationship karma is present. You will also discover how to navigate the relationship better. It can be a great opportunity to understand your child, siblings, parents and know what makes the relationship better. This is one of the best opportunities to have better relationships.
 Length of Session: 2 hours
Fee: $240
 1 week advanced notice and pre-payment is REQUIRED

Lorna Kailiuli’s Specialty Readings

Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks and Color Lights

Assisted with Color Cloths & Crystals/Gemstones

A chakra reading will be done for you, then you will be asked what your goals are and a short meditation regarding your goals will be created. Please know that results will vary depending on the individual and their particular goals. We will then go into the chakra balancing with tuning forks and color lights assisted with color cloths and crystals/gemstones. Synchronizing with these different energy modalities, the subtle body will adjust and balance the chakras. The chakras are energy centers within the subtle body. There are many chakras but we will be working with the basic seven which are located along the spine, neck and head areas. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel or vortex.

We will work on balancing:
Root Chakra – Red – Survival
Sacral Chakra – Orange – Creativity
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Personal Power
Heart Chakra – Green – Love & Compassion
Throat Chakra – Blue – Communication
Third-Eye Chakra – Indigo – Inner Vision
Crown Chakra – Violet / White – Connection to Source

Benefit(s) to the Client:
One will experience change on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. How soon will one feel this experience? One may feel changes right away or sometimes later on depending on the individual’s blue print. Also, depending on your soul agreement of life experience prior to birth of this life time, your results will vary. No matter how subtle, there will be an experience of change for the better.

Length of the Session: 60 minutes. Fee: $120

1 week notice is REQUIRED for any specialty sessions.
Please ask a staff member for
an appointment.


Private Palmistry Class with Melissa Kurpinski

Describe the Session: Palmistry is an ancient form of divination that has been practiced for over 2,000 years. In this fun and interactive class, you will learn the basics of Palmistry. We will focus on hand shapes, the major lines within the palm and their significant meanings.  We will get to know and identify the life, heart, head and fate lines, and start you on the journey to become a skilled palm reader.  You will also learn the significance of thumbs which control our ambition and drive. Both your right and left hand have different and significant meanings within the palm. The lines are your divine map to open your journey to open your intuition. Palmistry is not only a form of divination, but has been trusted in the scientific community by doctors and psychologists who used the palm to reveal the person’s character and health. Working either privately, or with a friend, will ensure plenty of time to ask questions and really get to know the palm.


Benefit(s) to the Client: In this class, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself and others through the art of Palmistry. It is not only an interesting form of divination that many people are familiar with, but it may also help you to open the road to other psychic abilities such as Psychometry, Clairvoyance and Empathy. Like having different sets of Tarot Cards, your palm is your personal divine map to having a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself. The lines within your palm changes through time which changes your divine map. You can carry on this ancient tradition that is still being developed as each person’s palm is different.

Length of the Session: 1-Hour $120

1 week notice is REQUIRED for any specialty sessions.
Please ask a staff member for an appointment.


Patiey Tompkins’ Specialty Readings

Asemic Art Essence Drawing

What is Asemic Art? Asemic Art is like automatic writing with abstract art using a
connection with the 6th and 8th dimensions. In the
moment of the reading, I go to that place of present time and tap into the 8th and 6th dimensions of a client’s soul essence. Using Divine Light from the 8th dimension and Sacred Geometry shapes from the 6th dimension, I
create an Asemic Art drawing showing their essence in color, shape and energetic frequencies. I offer messages from their guides and angels of what the shapes and symbols mean. It is encouraged that the client tap into their own awareness and intuition to discover more of what the meaning and definitions mean to them when they observe their art. I’ll explain what their art shows about the gifts and talents they’ve brought to the planet. Sometimes we journey to past lives or other dimensions.

Benefit(s) to the Client: It’s about discovering new things about themselves or reconfirming things they already know about themselves. Until we discover who we truly are, we are not always able to unfold our full potential and creativity. Hopefully the Asemic Art essence reading will broaden a clients perspective about themselves. When we realize the unique gifts we have and the power of who we are, the
potential to be what we want to be is closer to us. When a person has more clarity about who they are, they can be more efficient, live their life with love, vitality, joy, passion, purpose and peace.

Length of the Session: Asemic Art essence drawing: $150
Asemic Art essence session 60 minutes: $180
 Fee Total: $330

*Clients will need to have the following information available for the Asemic Art portion (Patiey will work on the Asemic Art prior to your 60 min session):

Clients Full Name (name on birth certificate): First, Middle, and Last

    • If you changed your name due to adoption or marriage, that full name that you went by or are going by now: First, Middle, and Last
    • Each time you have changed your name – name change is needed. (i.e. if a woman has been married 4 times and changed her name 4 times, Patiey will need all 4 names): First, Middle, and Last
    • All nick names you go by: Put a star next to the nick names you use the most
    • The name that you introduce yourself to your friends: First and Last
    • Birth Date: Month, Day and Year

1 week notice is REQUIRED for any specialty sessions.
Please ask a staff member for an appointment.


Darrell Harada’s Specialty Readings

Soul Sessions

We are beings of energy vibrating at different frequencies day to day and moment to moment.  Often life is just noisy chaos, but it’s because we haven’t learned how to fully use our instrument.  Like a fine piano, we need to tune the instrument of our mind, body, and soul so we can play in harmony and make amazing music with life and the universe. We can live a life of fun fluid vibes. We become like great musicians and composers creating harmony and beauty while escaping the noise.

Session Length & Price:
60 Minutes – $120
75 Minutes – $150
90 Minutes – $180


Good Karma Bad Karma

Cut bad karma from your life while adding good karma.   Learn the art of placement, a spiritual Feng Shui so to speak, that will clean up and beautify your world.  This specialty reading will strengthen your insight and wisdom eye.  You will gain the ability to stop negative cycles and produce good ones in your life.  Once you understand karma you will no longer be at its mercy.  In fact, you will learn how to control karma and tip the balance toward the positive.  As you learn to create more and more good karma you will see life beautifully rearranging and it’s flow improving.

Session Length & Price:
60 Minutes – $120
75 Minutes – $150
90 Minutes – $180


Destiny Design

This is a personal life coaching session where we combine psychic insight with strategies and exercises to fulfill your dreams.  Learn how to work the three D’s of Desiring, Doing, Done to create and employ a plan of manifestation that will make your dreams come true.  This is a mind, body and soul approach enhancing all your talents and abilities to attract, create, and fulfill the life you desire.  Warning: this is not a fluffy feel good for nothing approach – this is for the seriously hungry or fed up who have the guts to make real change.

Session Length & Price:
60 Minutes – $120
75 Minutes – $150
90 Minutes – $180



Lisa Zara’s Specialty Readings
Meet Your Guardian Angel (Part 1)

We all have guardian angels who are always with us to watch over and protect us. Our guardian angels also provide guidance and help, and use subtle signs and symbols to let us know they are with us.

Part 1 of this specialty reading with psychic medium Lisa Zara will allow you to meet your guardian angel and learn their name. She will also channel any messages your guardian angel has for you, and teach you how to build a lasting relationship with them by learning how to watch, listen and trust the signs and symbols they use to guide and help you. You will also learn the importance of setting clear intentions, and how to use the Most Benevolent Outcome to set clear intentions with your guardian angel.

Benefit(s) to the Client:
By getting to know your guardian angel and learning how to recognize their subtle messages, you will learn that you are never alone and your guardian angel is by your side to share your joys and help you through life’s challenges.

Length of the Session: 1 hour    Fee: $120    Required: 1 week advance notice

Your Guardian Angel Help Line (Part 2)

Part 2 of this specialty reading with psychic medium Lisa Zara will teach you how to establish a direct connection with your guardian angel and your spirit team to ask for help in manifesting your intentions or seek help with a specific problem causing you worry or anxiety. Lisa will teach you about using conings to connect directly with your spirit team and how to ask them to help you co-create your life. You will learn what a coning is, who the members of a coning are, and how a coning can be used to help resolve problems or realize the most benevolent outcome for goals or challenges in your life.

Benefit(s) to the Client:
By learning how to open a coning with your guardian angel and spirit team, you will be able to seek their help to find solutions for relationships, career, health, or to resolve problems that are causing you anxiety or unnecessary worry. You will learn how a coning with your spirit team can manifest your intentions and co-create your life’s dreams.

Length of the Session: 1 hour    Fee: $120   Required: Prerequisite “Meet Your Guardian Angel”; 1 week advance notice

Pet Aura Readings and Holistic Consultations
with Dr. Jayme Jensen

What to Expect in a Shanti Kai™ Pet Consultation?
Shanti Kai™ pet Consultations may help you better address the concerns of your pet.* In a consultation, I will tune into your pet and scan his or her aura and will tell you what I see and talk to you about what it means. With your permission (and the pet’s) I may transmit energy to the pet to help bring balance and clear energetic blockages that present during the session… because pets are people too and they need balancing just like you!


Why does my Pet need to have its energy balanced?
Our pets’ live in the environment we create for them, often experiencing the same stress that we do- and can become energetically imbalanced the same way we do. Furthermore, a myriad of other issues from food, environment, lifestyle, genetics, and trauma can also effect the health and well-being of your furry friend.


Why do I need a pet reading or consultation?
An animal’s energy field is similar to human’s in that it carries a sort of blueprint of the soul’s history; whenever there is an imbalance, including illness and/or injury in the physical body there is always a corresponding rupture or tear in the pets auric field. By reading your pet’s aura I begin to get a picture of the overall animal soul – and to gain insight into the underlying problems or issues it may be experiencing.  This can be very beneficial especially since our pets can’t communicate the same way we do and often we do not know if something is wrong until a problem has “blown up”, frequently requiring medical attention or emergency intervention.


What can I do for my pet to help keep him or her balanced?
Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences offer a safe, gentle alternative to managing your pet’s stress that doesn’t involve chemicals or hard to swallow pills.
Our Pet Essence line includes Feline (Purrfect Sense), Canine (Bow Wow), and Avian (Treetops) Essences and come in both drops and sprays.  (For more information about these products visit www.shantikai.com).


Benefits of Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences include:
* Increases calm and relaxation
* Increases balance and ease
* Increases physical emotional and mental well-being
* Increases ability to cope with changes and stress
* Improved behavior
* Improved response to other therapies, wellness alternatives or healing techniques


What are Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences?
Flower Essences have been used since the 1930s to help restore balance to the body’s energy field. Shanti Kai™ Essences are unique in that they contain carefully crafted blends of Hawaiian Flowers and Gemstones – drawing from an ingredient base of over 400 individual essences. In Western Medicine, we attempt to alleviate symptoms or eradicate disease through medications and surgery. Shanti Kai™ Essences are based on the “science of vibration” and seek to alter the subtle energy fields in the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) so that they resonate according to their optimal health levels.


How can I sign-up for a Pet Aura Reading and Holistic Consultation?
We book specialty readings both online and over the phone. If you’d like to book online please scroll down and click the signup button below. If you’d like to book over the phone you can call SEDONA at #808-591-8010 during normal business hours. Payment for the session must be made in advance and can be processed either over the phone or online depending on your preference. When bringing your pet to the store please keep them in a carrier or on a leash at all times. Longer sessions are recommended for pets with more severe conditions.


How can I buy Shanti Kai™ Pet Essences?
SEDONA does not carry Shanti Kai Pet Essences at this time. They can be purchased online at www.shantikai.com and shipped anywhere in the United States and certain international addresses.

*Shanti Kai™ Pet Consultations and Pet Essences are not intended as a substitute or replacement for proper veterinary care and medical attention. Dr Jayme M Jensen, NHD does not diagnose or prescribe and is not responsible for decisions you make regarding caring for your pet. Please check with your veterinarian if you have health concerns or questions regarding your pet.



All the specialty readings require a prepayment


Psychic Channel

スペシャルティー・リーディング – ダドリー・ヨギ




セッションの所要時間: 120分
通訳付き料金: $405



Psychic Channel

スペシャルティー・リーディング – ダドリー・ヨギ


お客さまをすっぽり包むシータ波瞑想状態の空間を作り、神さまとお客さまのエネルギーをつなぎます。進行役として私が神さまとつながることにより、 ヒーリング中お客さまに何が起きているかを、ビジョンとして、感情や気持ちとして、メッセージとして感知します。あなたの悩みや目的によって、神さまはこのセッションで一番必要な面を癒していきます。気ヒーリングはあなたに影響を与えている様々な面に焦点を当てていきます(過去生、魂の記憶、先祖のDNA、心の傷、思考、感情、信条、見解、隠れたプログラミング、など)セッション終わりに、神さまのエネルギーでどこが癒されたのかをお伝えします。

お客さまはセッション後、安定感を得、精神が統一され、心も魂も落ちつきます。この世界において自分が価値があると言うことを知ります。自分の直感力を信じ、神さまを信頼できるようになるので、全身に自信がみなぎります。 最高の決断を迷うことなくできるようにパワーアップされます。自分の心と魂が本来の姿を保ち、現実を生きることと、魂の目的を果たすことのバランスがとれたライフスタイルを持続するやり方を学びます。 自分の人生のブロック(障害)を作っている隠れたプログラミングが、過去生、魂の記憶や先祖のDNAから消されます。この解消はあなたを躊躇なく前に進ませる助けとなります。このヒーリングはバランスをくずした魂のエネルギーを、愛、幸せ、成功というポジティブなものへ変換させます。お客さまの未来は、あなたのオーラを包む神さまの光に常に導かれます。

セッションの所要時間: 120分
通訳付き料金: $405



Psychic Astrologer

スペシャルティー・リーディング – サンデー・メレック



長さ: 90分
通訳付きリーディング: $305
一週間前要予約 予約時先払い

あなたの人生、愛、金銭/経済、健康、仕事の計画を立てるのに一番最適なセッションと言えます。今どんな周期にいるのか、それがいつ終わるのかを知りたければ、このリーディングはあなたにピッタリです。あなたの人生がどういう計画になっているとしても、それを事前に知り、困難さに備え、そこからよい結果を得られる自分作りができます。あなたが結婚、起業、休暇、子供を作る計画をしているとすれば、いつがよい時機なのか、お分りになりたくないですか? 多数の方はいつ恋愛やお金にとってよい時機かを知りたいと思っています。それをこのリーディングでお分りになる事ができます。これはあなたの人生の地図です。

長さ: 90分
通訳付きリーディング: $305
一週間前要予約 予約時先払い

二人の人間がどう関わり合い、それはどうしてなのかを理解する、とても特別なリーディングです。多くの方たちは自分のもつ愛の関係を理解し、よりよい関係にする方法を知りたがっています。二人の人達が肉体的、感情的、心理的、魂的に仲良くするための細かい要点をお見せします。そして、どんな過去生がらみの事情が家族や愛の関係に存在するのかを指摘し、その関係をうまく進めていく方法を学びます。 お子さん、兄弟、両親やパートナーについて、より理解し、どうしたらよりよい関係にできるのかを知る最高のチャンスであり、愛する者とよい関係を持つための貴重な機会です。

長さ: 2時間
通訳付きリーディング: $405
一週間前要予約 予約時先払い


Psychic Channel

スペシャルティー・リーディング – ローナ・カイリウリ





  • ルート・チャクラ – 赤 – 生存本能
  • 仙骨チャクラ – オレンジ – 創作力(芸術面、工芸など)/力量(実現力)
  • 太陽神経叢(みぞおち)チャクラ – 黄色 – 人としての力
  • ハート・チャクラ – グリーン – 愛、思いやり
  • 喉のチャクラ – ブルー – コミュニケーション
  • 第三の目チャクラ – 藍色 – 内面のビジョン
  • クラウン・チャクラ – 紫/白 – 宇宙の中心へのコネクション

肉体的、頭脳/心理的、感情レベル、魂レベルの変化を実感します。どれほどすぐにその変化を感じるのでしょうか? 人によっては、即座に感じる人もいれば、少し経ってから感じる人もいます。人それぞれの今生の計画によります。そして、生まれる以前の魂の約束にもよりますが、結果は多種多様です。その変化がたとえ、かすかなものであっても、あなたにとって物事がよりよくなるための変化です。

長さ: 60分
通訳付きリーディング: $120



Psychic Channel

スペシャルティー・リーディング – メリッサ・カーピンスキー


手相は過去2000年以上に渡り使用された、古代の占い法です。このセッションで手相占いの基本を楽しく学びます。まず手の形に焦点を当て、手相にある主な線とその意味を見ていきます。生命、心(感情)、頭(知能)、運命線を見極め、手相を巧みに読む一歩が始まります。そして、 野心ややる気をコントロールする親指が大変深い意味を持つことを学びます。手相の右と左はそれぞれ違い、大切な意味を持ちます。手相の線は、直感力(サイキック力)を発達させる為の神の案内図とも言えます。手相はただ占い法であるだけでなく、科学分野では性格や健康状態を見る為に手相を使う医師や心理学者達の信頼を得てきました。自分の為に、友人達の為に手相占いを使うとしても、このセッションではみなさんが充分に質問をし、手相について理解するのに充分な時間を用意しています。


長さ: 1時間
通訳付きリーディング: $205



Asemic Art Intuitive

スペシャルティー・リーディング – パティー・トンプキンズ


アセミック・アートとは?と思われるかもしれませんね。自動的に手が動き物を書く自動書記という現象がありますが、それと同様のもので、6次元と8次元から来る抽象画のようなものです。このリーディング中は、6次元と8次元に存在するお客さまの現在の魂のエッセンスに触れていきます。8次元の神の光と6次元の神聖な形状を使い、このアセミック・アート・エッセンス画を描き、お客さまのエッセンスを色、形状とエネルギーとして表します。そしてお客さまの目に見えないガイドや天使達からその形状やシンボルの意味を受け取り、お伝えします。お客さまはそれと同時に、ご自分の感覚や直感を使い、そのアセミック・アート・エッセンス画が自分にとってどういう意味なのか、その絵をご覧になりながら、さぐってみてください。 この地球にみなさんがどういう能力や才能を持って生まれてきたのか、そのアセミック・アート・エッセンス画からご説明します。



長さ: 90分
通訳付きリーディング: $305
アセミック・アート・エッセンス画: $150
合計料金: $455


  • お客さまのフルネーム(戸籍上のお誕生の時のお名前): 名字と名前、ミドル・ネームをお持ちの方はそれもお知らせください。
  • 養子縁組、結婚などでお名前が変わった場合、過去お使いのお名前を含め、現在のものと合わせて、全ての名字とお名前をご記入ください。
  • 何らかの理由でお名前を変えた時には、その全ての名字とお名前をご記入ください。(もし女性が4回結婚をなさった場合、その4回の結婚で使った名字とお名前を全てご記入ください。)
  • 全てのニックネームをお知らせください: その中で一番使われているニックネームに星印をつけてください。
  • 仕事上のお名前やペンネームなどがありましたら、それも含めてください。
  • 友人/仲間達に自分を紹介する時に使う名前: 名字と名前
  • 生年月日



Psychic Medium

スペシャルティー・リーディング – ダレル・ハラダ


私たちは毎日毎瞬、いろいろ違う周波数で振動するエネルギー体です。生活はただ喧騒と混乱にしか思えない事がしばしばありますが、それは私たちが自分たちの持つエネルギー体を使う方法を充分に学んでいないからなんです。質の高いピアノのように、私たちの心、体、魂というエネルギー体の波長を調律する必要があります。 そうすることによって調和を持ってそのエネルギー体という「楽器」を弾く事ができ、生命と宇宙の力を使ってすばらしい音楽をかなでる事ができます。その音楽で楽しく流れる毎日を生きる事ができるようになります。そして日々の喧騒から逃れて、私たちはすばらしい音楽家と作曲家となり、調和と美しさを毎日の生活の中に作り上げることができます。

60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305

(カルマ=前生の行為とその結果としての宿命 )


60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305


これはサイキック力(五感以上の情報取得法、直感力)と実践的方針と練習を合わせてあなたの夢の実現を図るためのライフ・コーチング・セッションです。 夢の実現の計画作成の為に三つのD: 望むこと(Desiring)、やること(Doing)、やり終えること (Done)をやります。 あなたの望む人生を引き寄せ、自分のものとする為の能力を高め、心/体/魂全部へのアプローチをします。ご注意: これはただ単に気持ちがよくなるという現実性のないアプローチではありません。今の人生にうんざりし、真剣に人生を変える根性がある方への本気の人生再設計セッションです。

60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305



60分:  $205
75分:  $255
90分:  $305



90分:  $305

Lisa Zara

Psychic Medium

スペシャルティー・リーディング – リサ・ザーラ





ガーディアン・エンジェルの存在を知り、エンジェル達からのかすかなメッセージに気づくやり方を覚える事により、あなたは決してひとりぼっちじゃない、あなたがうれしい時はその喜びを一緒に分ち合い、 困難な時はそれを乗り越えるよう、ガーディアン・エンジェルはいつも側にいるという事を学びます。

長さ:  60分   通訳付きリーディング: $205

一週間前要予約  前払い


サイキック霊媒(チャネリング)のリサ・ザーラの行うスペシャルティ・リーディング・パート2はガーディアン・エンジェル(守護天使)とあなたのスピリチュアル・ティームと直接つながり、目的達成や悩み解決法を得ることができるようになります。直接あなたのガーディアン・エンジェルとスピリチュアル・ティームとつながるために使うコーニング法についてお教えし、あなたの人生を一緒に実現する方法をご紹介します。コーニング法というのは何なのか、コーニング法をアシストしているエンジェルたちは誰なのかをご紹介し、 「最高の結果達成法」を使った夢の実現や問題解決のために、そのコーニング法をどう使うかをお教えします。



長さ:  60分   通訳付きリーディング: $205

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